Shit that Pissed Me Off this Week – 8/2

British Jackass Arrested for Objecting to Jane Austen

So the Brits change the faces on their currency every now and again to discourage counterfeiters.  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work but bravo to them for trying.

Their 10-Pound note currently sports Charles Darwin, which is a great choice.  In a few years, Darwin will be replaced by Jane Austen.  This also seems like a great choice.

However, a few complete assholes feel that Austen doesn’t belong on British cash because there’s already a woman on every bill produced in the country.  The reigning monarch is prominently displayed on the front of every note and Elizabeth is still filling that role thankyouverymuch.  Because the ladies get the front of every note, a few assholes think the back should be reserved for the guys.

Anything less than a 50/50 spilt constitutes misandry, or something.

Doesn’t she just look like a feminazi?????

So one fellow was so upset that women were taking over his money, he decided to harass one of the proponents of the change via Twitter.  I’m not sure if he was aware that death threats are illegal in England but he sure didn’t seem to be aware that when you make such threats via Twitter, it’s pretty easy for people to figure out who is making them.

Especially when you are sending over 50 abusive tweets per hour.  It gets a lot easier to track a guy

Fox News Gives the Worst Interview Ever

What makes this interview so awful is the fact that host has not actually read the book and seems more interested in challenging the writer for his faith than she is in talking to him about his book.  Actually, she just wants to know why a Muslim seems to think he has the right to talk about Jesus.  Then she reads some quotes critical of the book without providing any actual quotes from the book.

You know why?

Because she clearly hadn’t read the book. Hell, I’m not convinced she’d read the dust jacket.

At issue here is not the fact that she chose to challenge the author of the book but rather that she hadn’t taken the time to understand what she was challenging.  It was a total embarrassment.

At least it should have been.  But Fox is happily defending their interview because when you make a living doing bad journalism, why should you have to apologize for it?

The author, Reza Aslan, isn’t complaining, mind you.  Sales of his book have skyrocketed.  Maybe that interview wasn’t so bad after all.  Hooray for shitty journalism!!!!

NFL QB thinks I need to take God More Seriously

Kirk Cousins in the back up Quarterback for the Washington Redskins.  He wrote a guest post on Monday Morning Quarterback and the last thing he said was that world would be a better place if we all took God more seriously and ourselves less seriously.

So the guy is a Christian.  He’s not the only Christian in the National Football League.  I don’t have a problem with that.  I do have a problem with the concept that the world would be better if we all took God more seriously.  Which god, Kirk?  Your god?  Or someone else’s?

I can’t take Zeus seriously, Kirk. I mean look at the guy. Also, he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

And while I agree that most of us take ourselves far too seriously (I’m a comedian after all), I can’t agree that we should take god more seriously instead.  At least not until we can at least agree on which one.

San Diego Mayor Accused of Sexual Harassment Wants the City to Pay his Legal Fees

Yes yes yes.  The man is innocent until proven guilty.  I understand how our legal system works.

However, it seems like kind of a jackass move for a guy to ask the city to pay his court fees when it is his (alleged) actions that got him in this predicament.  You know why he is claiming the city should pay his legal fees?  Because they didn’t give him harassment training.  Apparently he was too stupid to know how to keep his hands off of the women who worked for him.

I mean, I realize politicians don’t have to take an intelligence test to get the job but that seems a little ridiculous, don’t you think?

Another thing that ticks me off about this guy is that he won’t step down.  Even if he’s innocent (and he probably isn’t), how the hell is he supposed to do his job when all anyone is talking about is his (alleged) fondness for inappropriate touching in the workplace?

He can’t run the city effectively.  If he actually gave a shit about his job, he’d step down so someone else could actually do it.

Saudi Blogger Sentence to 600 Lashes for Blogging

Seriously, everyone who complains that Christians are “persecuted” in America should be sent a link to this story.  Every time they say it.  Over and over again.  Until they shut up.

This guy was just speaking his mind on the internet.  That’s not OK in Saudi Arabia.  Make no mistake about that.  It isn’t OK at all.

So for the crime of insulting Islam, he will receive 600 lashes.  They are going to whip him because he was courageous enough to say something about Islam that wasn’t all glitter and sunshine.

My favorite thing about Islam is how great it is to talk about Islam and how great it is all the time!

Hey you right wing whiny Christians, anyone sentencing you to 600 lashes?  No?

Then shut the fuck up, OK?

They are Trapping Wolves

A friend and fan of this blog has been asking me to write something about the wolf hunting in Minnesota.  I’ve not really known what to say about it because I’m not anti hunting and I really don’t know enough about the justification for the wolf hunt.

Which isn’t to say that I approve of hunting wolves.  Their population may be on the rise again but I’m still not happy that we humans encroach on wilderness to the degree that the only solution is to control the animal population.  How about we control our own fucking population for once, huh?

What really gets me, though, is that there are permits issues for hunting and trapping.  Luring animals to devices that, in the worst case, will entrap (and probably break) one of their limbs so they will slowly die of starvation or blood loss is some pretty sick shit.

I guess we’re all OK with it because they aren’t people.

Except I’m not OK with it.  That seems like a pretty terrible and lonely way to die.  And I really don’t think the species you are killing should matter.

New Zealand Doctor Wouldn’t Provide a Prescription for Birth Control Pills Because Women have a “Reproductive Duty”

I’m a few weeks behind on this one but holy shit is this guy an asshole.  I can’t wait to tell my two kids that we didn’t have them because we wanted kids, we had them because it was my wife’s reproductive duty.

Look, if  you have a moral problem with doing your job, you need to get a different job.  Or accept that the job you have chosen will require you to do stuff with which you don’t agree.

This doesn’t just go for doctors that choose to lecture young women on their “reproductive duties.”  It also goes for pharmacists who have a problem with giving birth control pills to their customers.

Hi, I’m Claudia and this is my reproductive duty Jesse!

And county clerks who have a moral objection to giving marriage licenses to homosexual couples.

Unless your job description includes “force your morality on everyone else,” you don’t get to do that shit.

Suck it up and do your fucking job.  Then go to church and ask forgiveness if you need to.   If god is going to send you to hell for giving a fifteen year old birth control pills, he’s kind of a dick.

A whole Bunch of Homosexual Couples Got Married in Minnesota this Week

I’m not pissed about this really.  It’s totally adorable and amazing and I’m super happy for every couple that was finally able to have their relationship legally recognized in Minnesota.

Here’s my problem.

This was supposed to be Minnesota’s day.  And yet Rhode Island totally tried to steal our thunder by recognizing same sex marriages on the same fucking day.

We have to share our special day with the smallest state in the union.  I don’t want to turn this into a playground fight but I’m pretty sure that Minnesota could take Rhode Island in a fair fight.  We have over 10,000 lakes.  They have a fjord.  One fjord.  Because their state isn’t big enough to have more than one fjord.

In fact, did you know that in Alaska,  there is a glacier that is bigger than Rhode Island?

If that glacier wanted to get gay married, it would have to come to Minnesota.  Take that Rhode Island.  And back off.

Come to Minnesota, Malaspina glacier. We’ve got you covered!

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