Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 8/30

The Shitstorm Surrounding Miley Cyrus

So Cyrus did a performance at the MTV Video music awards that was two things: 1) Blatantly sexual and 2) Artistically awful.

Now the VMA’s are about the most gaudy ridiculous spectacle in music so the fact she was part of a gaudy, ridiculous performance should be neither shocking or upsetting.  That’s what the show is all about.

The fact people are pitching a fit because she exhibited hardcore sexuality when she’s only (gasp) twenty is what is really bugging me here.  Because if Miley Cyrus was a twenty something guy grabbing his crotch and dancing suggestively and her name was…say…Michael Jackson, hardly anyone would be complaining.


Cyrus, though, is a girl woman and she’s not Madonna.

Of course, Madonna got all sorts of crap for being brazenly sexual as well.

Having watched the video, I think that the performance was awful.  Her singing was breathy and not in her strongest range.  She was more interested in showing off how “grown up” she was than in being a good singer (and she is a good singer – even if you don’t like what she sings).  Her “dancing” consisted mostly of gyrating and sticking out her tongue. The three songs they chose to mash-up don’t really fit together.  What was with the teddy bears anyway?  I fucking hate “Blurred Lines.”

The fact that Cyrus engaged in suggestive dancing should not be the subject of criticism.  It should be the fact she did it badly.  If you want to be perceived as grown up and sexy, be grown up and sexy.

But while we all comment about Cyrus, we need to remember one thing.  She gave that performance to get attention.  And she got a lot of it.

Rapist gets sent to jail….for 30 days

If you’re wondering how his victim feels about it, I can’t tell you because she killed herself.

Now this rape was technically consensual in the sense that a 14-year-old girl consented to a relationship with a 30-year-old teacher. The teacher should know better, though.  He should know that a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student is not OK, right?

And if he gets caught and prosecuted, he ought to spend more than 30 days in jail.

The judge justified his sentence by saying that the deceased victim, who only appeared in court via video because – as I said – she committed suicide, seemed “older than her chronological age.”

Uh….so what?  What does that have to do with putting a guy in jail for taking advantage of a troubled 14-year-old?

The judge later said his choice of words was “poor.”

Not as poor as his choice of sentence.

New Jersey Refuses a Vanity Plate that Says “Atheist” Because it is Offensive

Now to be fair, once the internet got ahold of this one, the New Jersey DMV backed down pretty quickly.

And well they should have.  If you can have a license plate that says ILUVGOD or MARK915 or any number of other obviously Christian vanity plates and they are not considered offensive, neither should a vanity plate that identifies the driver as atheist.

There is apparently no problem with this one because at least you still believe in God.

The odds are good that the initial refusal was made by a clerk somewhere who didn’t quite undestand the difference between what was offensive to them and was was offensive in some sort of legally defensible way.  Had that clerk made the decision to turn down the request of someone who wasn’t a vocal advocate for secular issues, they probably would have gotten away with it.

I’m not suggesting atheists are persecuted in this country.  I’m just suggesting any Christian who complains about persecution has a pretty heavy burden of proof.

Nidal Salam Sentenced to Death

Salam killed 13 people at Fort Hood and after having mounted a defense that consisted mostly of saying “yeah, I totally did it,” he was found guilty by a military jury and they recommended a sentence of death.

I’m an opponent of the death penalty anyway but in this case, I’m doubly troubled because it is clear this is the sentence Salam wants.

The prosecution can paint a word picture suggesting that this is a just punishment but if the guy wants to die so he can be a martyr, then you are just handing him his greatest desire.  So what if most Americans don’t think of him as a martyr?  He doesn’t give a fuck what we think anyway.  There is a whole subset of humanity, though, that will rejoice when he is put to death because they will believe he has given his life in support of a great cause.

It would have been better to let him rot in a solitary cell for the rest of his life with as little contact with the rest of humanity as possible.  That would have been punishment.  When he is put to death, he will get exactly what he wanted in the first place.

And I don’t think he deserves to get what he wants.

Anti Vaccination Church has a Measles Outbreak

So a megachurch pastor was totally against vaccinations.  His followers, believing that his knowledge of the bible gave him some sort of ability to understand medical science, dutifully avoided vaccinating their children.  The result?  Some foreigner brought the Measles into his church and now a whole lot of kids who should have been immune to the disease are sick.

If we look on the bright side, they will be immune to the disease later.

Seems like the wrong path they should have had to take.

I could have avoided this whole thing if you’d only just given me a shot I wouldn’t have remembered an hour later??? Holy shit do you owe me a whole lot of trips to Disney World!

In the wake of this breakout of a completely unnecessary nature, the church has changed it’s stance on vaccinations and is even giving out free vaccinations for Measles in an effort to stop the spread of the disease.

The nice thing about deluded visions of reality is that they are really easy to change.

Congress is Whining that they don’t want Obama to Attack Syria Without their Approval

Let’s be clear, I don’t want Obama to attack Syria with or without the permission of Congress.  The Middle East is an area that we have shown the unflinching ability to completely fuck up.

There is no clear favorite in the Syria conflict.  There isn’t a good side to be on.  I’m all for the US providing humanitarian aid but I think we should keep our planes on the ground until we have some idea what the hell we hope to accomplish and we have an actual plan to achieve that goal.

But look, the party that is telling Obama to take it easy is the same party that told George Bush to go for it in Iraq.  The only reason Congress is throwing a fit is because they aren’t in the same party as Obama and they must, therefore, question every decision he makes.

If Obama wanted abortion to be safe and legal in this country, all he has to do is say that it should be outlawed immediately.  Republicans would fall all over themselves to enact sweeping protections on abortion rights.  They hate him that much.

And it’s stupid.  Why do these hawks think the US should send guns to a foreign country as long as the person making the call is their guy?

Either it’s a good idea or a bad idea.  It isn’t a good idea or a bad one because of his party affiliation.

For the record, I think it would be a monumentally bad idea.

Scott Walker’s Office Tries to get a News Station to Take down a Story They Don’t Like

Dear Wisconsin:

You have a really good football team.  I love your cheese.  But look – you have the worst Governor ever.  I don’t say that because he’s a Republican.  I say that because he is against the freedom to assemble, the freedom of the press, freedom of religion and he blames the failures of his own policies on other people.

He promised to create jobs (which is a stupid thing to promise) and he’s doing worse than most Governors.  He blames his failure to do a good job on outside distractions like the Affordable Care Act (which hasn’t taken effect yet) and a recall election.

Those guys over there totally stopped me from doing what I wanted even though my party controls both state houses and I can totally pass any legislation I want and I totally did!

Bullshit.  If you aren’t able to keep your promises because you are a complete tool, you should at least come up with a new game plan instead of blaming everyone else for your failure to get shit done.  Walker passed a bunch of “job creation” laws.  Apparently the not-yet-implemented Affordable Care Act torpedoed them all.

Let’s put that pre-existing condition clause back in there.  Jobs should materialize overnight!

So Wisconsin, I say this with the utmost of respect: if you really want a Republican governor, can you ditch this guy and find someone who isn’t such an ass?

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  1. ronn says :

    I should have know you’d be all over the mega-church cock-up.
    Another great piece!


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