Shit that Pissed me off this week – 9/13

Arizona Exorcists Go to England Because of Harry Potter

Take a look at the faces of these girls.  They are filled with the same kind of crazy that you find on the face of Michele Bachmann.  They are still teenagers.

They didn’t come up with this insanity on their own.  It was taught.  Someone mucked about with their brains in completely unacceptable ways.

Don’t touch it! It’s eeeevil!!!!

But you know why they are getting attention?  Because they are photogenic.  They are well dressed and their hair is done right and they are young and so the news will spend a lot more time on them than their particular brand of crazy should warrant.

As a result, they will take themselves a lot more seriously than they should.

And the cycle continues.

8 Year Old Girl in Yemen dies After her 40 Year Old Husband has Sex with her

Man do I wish I could go back to a time where I hadn’t clicked on this link.

I’m going to use this as an example the rest of my life.  Any time I feel like things are a little crappy, I’m going to remind myself that I’m not an 8 year-old being forced into marriage and killed because a 40 year old guy shouldn’t be having sex with an 8 year old.

Bad day at work?  At least I wasn’t raised to believe that my life had no intrinsic value until I get married to a guy who has children older than me.

Feeling a little strained for money after the last family vacation? At least my first sexual experience didn’t kill me.

There are times, my friends, when I want to punch the entire human race in the throat.

Or at least the subset of the human race that has no problem with marrying children off simply because they can.

Richard Dawkins was a Victim of “mild” Pedophilia when he was Young and it Wasn’t that Bad

Dawkins doesn’t feel some “mild” sexual abuse did him any lasting harm and he may be right.  We all respond to such things in different ways.

But…um….just because he didn’t suffer any lasting harm (if indeed he didn’t), why does it logically follow that others would respond the same way?

The problem here isn’t that Dawkins has been able to shrug off what sounds like completely unacceptable behavior by a grown man placed in a position of authority but rather that he seems to dismiss those who cannot so eaily move on from such an experience.

Whoa whoa whoa! How did that get in there????

Keeping the previous article in mind, what happened to Dawkins was nothing compared to the murder (yes – murder) of an eight year old girl in which the murder weapon was her husband’s penis.  That was, I think, the point he was trying to make.  He made it very badly.

He has apologized, so that’s good.  I just want him to stop saying things that damage the atheist movement.  Because now people can point to his comments and say “see?  Atheists have no moral compass.”

When in reality, an atheist was just doing a bad job expressing himself.  And atheists hardly have a corner on that market.

DC Comics Fails to Recognize they have a Woman Problem

And by “a woman problem,” I mean they fail to recognize that there aren’t a lot of women who read their comics or create their comics.  At least they fail to care.

While they have carved out a fine piece of the comic market for themselves, it wouldn’t hurt if they tried to make it look like they wanted women to be part of the process.

Take this latest foolishness where they invite new artists by having them draw a series of women-in-peril samples.  The final panel is a naked Harley Quinn in a bathtub with a series of electrical devices dangling overhead.

It seems unlikely that they are going to get a lot of submissions from female artists, doesn’t it?  I mean they are being asked to draw something degrading and it might make them a bit uncomfortable don’t you think?

So what?  Who needs female artists anyway?  Or female readers?

University of Alabama Sorrorities Shut out Black Candidates

Racism is, of course, a think of the past in our country.  We have moved beyond petty squabbles over skin color so we can focus on petty squabbles over sexual orientation.

Except it appears we actually haven’t.  Grown human beings still do things like blocking girls from pledging a sorority simply because those girls don’t happen to be white.  To be fair, they might have no problem with girls of Asian descent…

D’you think it’s OK to play Beyonce at parties?

I’m not entirely sold on the benefits offered by sororities and fraternities anyway but in fairness, I’m a geek. The only time I was going to associate with those folks was in foolish Revenge of the Nerds fantasies.

I’m sure there is a comletely logical explanation for all of this.  One that doesn’t make everyone involved look like bigots.

I can’t wait to hear what it is.  It ought to be amazing.

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