Shit that Pissed me off – 10/11

Saudi Preacher Found Guilty of Killing His Daughter and is Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

Contrast this with four Saudi men who were convicted of indecent exposure for dancing naked on top of their car.  They got ten years and 2000 lashes.

This dude beat his five year old daughter to death.  That’s…worse, right?

Except maybe not.  She was, after all, a girl.  I mean, if he’s beaten a five year old son to death, he might have gotten ten years since that is clearly as bad as dangling your junk around on Youtube.

Hang on…that dude is walking today? I told you that we should have kept our pants on and murdered a little girl!

The fact this asshole is a holy man just means there are a whole bunch of people listening to what he says and believing that if he beat his five year old daughter to death, it was probably because she deserved it.

Former Congressman Says People Without Faith Can’t be Happy

He even goes so far as to say that his personal experience suggests that nobody can be happy without faith.

Rather than disputing that fact, let me explore a different question.  Does faith make people happier?  I’m not saying I know the answer but I do know that people have remained trapped in loveless marriages because of faith.  I know that people have sold all their worldly possessions and waited for an Armageddon that never came because of faith.  I know people have spent their entire lives sitting on poles because of faith.

I know plenty of atheists who are unhappy.  They are unhappy because they don’t like their job or because they are sick or because their dog died or because they are just unhappy people.

Lots of people with faith have the same problems.  To suggest that lack of faith makes someone unhappy is as absurd as suggesting that having faith makes someone happy.

Nebraska Supreme Court Rules a 16 Year old is Not Mature Enough to Have an Abortion

It naturally follows that she may not be mature enough to terminate a pregnancy but the sure as hell is mature enough to raise a child.

Raising children is a whole lot easier than a surgical procedure to remove the child and therefore, a sixteen year old clearly must be protected from that surgery.

She’s also totally mature enough to drive a car. But not to the hospital during labor. That’s something only a fully grown woman can do.

Now where, I wonder, does such twisted logic originate?  Could it be that the reasoning by the court has nothing to do with the maturity of the young woman in question and everything to do with an aversion to abortion?

I know.  That’s crazy talk.

Hang on, now.  They want More Public Money for the Vikings Stadium?

At what point does the state say “hey you whining rich fucks, this stadium is going to make you huge piles of extra money and you are paying almost nothing for the thing – why don’t you spring for a parking ramp or two so your fans don’t have to walk outside for five blocks in a Minnesota winter?”

And hey – is that parking going to be free?  Or are the Vikings going to get the revenue from the parking lot?  Even when there isn’t a Vikings game that day?

I continue to think that stadium funding should be tied to team performance.  As soon as the Vikings win a Super Bowl, I’m going to stop bitching about stadium funding, OK?

Think about this: if a corporation performed the way many professional sports teams performed, they would go out of business because nobody would buy their product.

In this case, we are all being forced to buy their product – even people who don’t want it – because we are being told that if we don’t, someone else in some other state will be forced to buy the same shitty product.

Michele Bachmann is Being Mistaken for Miley Cyrus

These are voters.

That’s the problem, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.  The problem is not that Cyrus did a very funny take on Bachman for Saturday Night Live this week. No, the problem is that people are too stupid to tell the difference between a 57-year-old woman with crazy eyes and a 20-year-old sticking her tongue out.

And Miley – we need to talk about that tongue.

I’m not trying to slut shame.  You can do whatever you want with your body.  It is your body.  If you want to present yourself as a sex goddess, you go right ahead.

But…um….you stick your tongue out a lot.

See here? You do this all the time!

And it doesn’t look sexy.  It looks kind of silly.

Maybe that’s what you are going for.  I’m pretty sure that it isn’t.

Hey look!  The Government is Still Shut Down!

And at this point, we are all just kind of rolling with it.  People (like guards at Federal Penitentiaries) are being forced to go to work without pay because their jobs are essential (I agree) but not essential enough to pay.

Small businesses in Washington could close down because there isn’t enough business to stay open.

Did you hear that Republican party? SMALL BUSINESSES COULD CLOSE DOWN!  Aren’t small business owners the ones you want to protect?  Aren’t they the ones getting screwed by the government?

Oh yeah.  It turns out they are getting screwed by the government.

Well done, Mr. Speaker.  Well done.

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