Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 10/18

This Story of how a Small Town Harassed and Drove out a Rape Victim

So a 14-year-old girl was raped by the grandson of a Congressman and her family was driven out-of-town.  And their house was burned down.

They burned down a family’s house because someone raped their daughter.

I don’t care to count the number of times I have personally witnessed women making a claim of having been assaulted and being met with hatred and disbelief.  Beyond the fact that it is clearly human nature to try to blame victims of heinous acts (or we’d all stop doing it), we have the fact there were mountains of proof against the perpetrator of this crime.

Too bad he was a popular football player.  We all know that football is more important than a young girl’s life.

How DARE that young woman allow herself to be raped right before the big game????

I read this story and had but one thought: aside from the victim and her family (who have nothing to be ashamed of) nobody involved in this situation should be proud of themselves.  They have established a pattern that should never be established.

When teenagers do horrible shit like this and get away with it, they have learned a valuable lesson.  They can do it again.

So wait – House Republicans Change the Rules so they Could be Sure to Shut down the Government?

Let’s be clear about this folks – they wanted to have a Government shut down.  In fact, they want to have another one given the current deal being negotiated is only through January 7th.

They want to do this shit over and over and over again.

It’s like a bunch of toddlers crying for their favorite toy.  Their behavior is sociopathic.

I’m not talking about every Republican out there.  I’m talking about the assholes in Washington who have decided that they have the right to fuck with people’s jobs when they don’t like how government is working out for them.

As a liberal, I’ve been on the losing side of a lot of political arguments.  Doesn’t make me happy.  I would have loved it if we hadn’t gone to war in Iraq.  But we did.

And once we were there, I wanted us to do it right.  For those of you keeping score at home: we didn’t.

I’m sick to death of watching assholes in Washington play chess with real fucking people.

So what if they are in “safe” districts so they don’t have to worry if they piss off everyone outside of their district.  Do they have a conscience or not????

I’m afraid I already know the answer to that question.

Teen Gets Punished for Giving a Drunk Friend a Ride Home

We want to teach our kids how to be good people, right?

So how do we justify telling a kid that by driving home a friend who had been drinking, she was somehow violating the school’s “no tolerance” policy even though she hadn’t been drinking?

So in effect, they just told every other responsible kid at that school that if they get a call to be a sober cab, they should tell their friend to drive home drunk.

Sorry, I can’t come and get you. I have a big exam tomorrow.

Is that really the lesson they are going for?

The Shutdown is Over….for Now

Here’s the thing: after two weeks they finally got their shit together and passed a budget.  Good for them.

Problem is: all they’ve done is set up a new showdown for January 15th.  And they’ll probably shut the government down again.  Because a tiny contingent of one party in Washington has decided that taking your ball and going home is an effective governing technique.

It isn’t like the Republicans wanted the government to open back up.  They just let the bill pass with as little Republican support as possible.  It stands to reason that given they didn’t really want to end the shut down to begin with, they aren’t going to be bending over backwards to prevent another one.

This bullshit is going to happen again and I actually think they want it to happen again.

Anyone who has a trip to a national park set for the next three months is fine.  if you have one planned later than that, I’d suggest you have a contingency.

Oprah Tells an Atheist that She can’t Really be an Atheist

A lot of atheist bloggers are up in arms about this and I almost chose to let it go because Oprah is going to say what Oprah says.

At issue here is not really the fact that Oprah doesn’t seem know what atheism is or even that she seems to presume to tell someone else what they actually believe.  Oprah has spent years creating the mythology of herself and she did an excellent job.

Besides, she’s just saying what people like her say all the time.  There is this subset of humanity that wants to believe that atheism is really just a dodge.  They figure they just have to find the right way to convince someone who thinks they don’t believe in god to see it the right way.

Now, if I walked up to them and tried to engage them by pompously declaring that they don’t really believe in god, they would rightfully think that I’m an asshole because of course they believe in god. 

Maybe not this guy. I think we can all agree that if god is real, he probably ditched the toga a long time ago.

There is no disagreement about that.  There should be no disagreement that I do not believe in god.

The disagreements are actually a lot more important than that.  Let’s not get bogged down in telling each other what we really believe.

I Couldn’t Make a Deposit on Monday Because it was Columbus Day

Hey, I have nothing against bank holidays but Columbus Day?

At this point we all understand that Columbus didn’t prove the Earth was round, was in fact completely wrong about what he set out to prove, and never actually set foot in America, right?

I mean we’ve gotten used to the fact that our heroes are just as imperfect as anyone else but Columbus is more of a tall tale than a person, isn’t he?

I’m just saying, if we are going to close banks to honor people who don’t really exist, can’t we do it for someone cooler like Paul Bunyan or Batman?

Holy crap Adrian Peterson – Have you Heard of a Condom?

So soon after the death of his son, this is a pretty insensitive topic but look, maybe Mr. Peterson should try a little birth control.

I’m not saying that Peterson has no right to a healthy sex life.  Heck, I guess he can father as many kids as he wants but as the best running back in the NFL, it wouldn’t hurt for him to remember that he’s a role model.

And while his willingness to be a good father to the children that he has fathered as a result of unprotected sex is great, what he’s really doing is teaching young guys who aren’t millionaires that fathering a bunch of kids is totally OK as long as you make sure you are a part of their lives.  At least as soon as their mothers tell you the kids exist.

Now Peterson’s seeming failure to understand condom usage is hardly a major crime compared to the asshole who beat his son to death.

This is what Johnny Cash thinks of someone who would beat a two year old to death, motherfucker!

Still, while I think it’s great Peterson is providing a great example by taking responsibility for the children he’s fathered, I think he might provide a better example by taking a little more responsibility for his sperm.

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4 responses to “Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 10/18”

  1. Heather says :

    Anyone who thinks that this nations issues stem from just republicans or just democrats are deliberately lying to themselves at this point. We’ve had decades of scandal and corruption on both sides of the aisle. Continuing to support either is acceptance of corruption and vile behavior. It doesn’t matter if one side “seems” better than the other. People should be in strong opposition to ANY corruption no matter what. Until we as a nation abolish our framework for this government – it IS illegal that congress has passed laws in order to legally violate said constitution. It is illegal that US citizens support that. Abolish the government or live within the restrictions our founders placed upon the leadership of this nation. Do one or the other, but until that is done – anything else has been decades of corruption, illegal acts, and greed running rampant that both liberals and conservatives are GUILTY of supporting. This girl’s attacker is just one more BS act that citizens will support.

  2. John says :

    Hey Tim,
    I’d be interested in reading your reactions to this TV show:


    • Petsnakereggie says :

      Having watched ten minutes of it, I’m not sure I could work my way through enough to make any comment beyond ewwww.

      • John says :

        Fair enough.
        I got thru 1 whole episode because the motel had a Terrible channel lineup and no wifi.

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