Shit that Pissed me Off 11/15

Self Rigteous Christians have a New Way to be Smug and cheap at the Same Time!

Apparently some enterprising producer of religious tracts has created one that looks just enough like a ten-dollar bill, you can leave it as a tip!

It looks like this if you leave it sticking out just right:

But it’s a lie!  A lie meant to prey on the server’s greedy desire to make a living so they can pay their rent and maybe catch a godless movie once in a while.

Pull it out and you get this:

Flip it over and you get a sermon about how eternal salvation is better than money!


You can jam god down your server’s throat and save a few bucks!  Thanks Jesus!

I’m Pissed at Myself that I Clicked through and Read this Mysogynist Screed About how Women Don’t Deserve Self Esteem

You know, I want to believe this article is parody in some way but I’m reasonably confident it is serious.  Aside from the fact the article is a hateful piece of sexism that lacks even basic factual support (all of his links are just to other man power blog sites rather than any sort of research that might support his opinions), there are a few really obvious points he misses.

1)  Where does this asshole come off thinking that most guys have high self-esteem?  They don’t.  Most of us are bundles of neuroses and the gender of the person possessing the neuroses is not even fucking relevant.

2)  He mistakes “anyone who disagrees with him” for “feminists.”  Now I identify as a feminist but I’m pretty sure almost every person I know would be completely pissed off by his bullshit article and the way he edits and ridicules anyone who disagrees with him.  You don’t have to be a feminist to think this guy is an asshole.

3)  He mis-equates “feminism” with “high self-esteem.”  Again, I know a lot of women who are feminists and I know a lot of women who have high self-esteem.  These are not always the same people.  Just as it is with gender, feminism does not grant someone high self-esteem.

4)  You would have to have some seriously low self-esteem if you decided that you needed to date a douchebag like this guy.

Now, this dude is just a troll who writes shocking articles to get traffic and it works.  A hell of a lot more people have read his jackassery than will ever read my little blog entry.

That is the sad truth of the internet.  Being an asshole works.  In fact, being an asshole is a great way to get attention on the internet.

And who wants attention on the internet?

People will low self-esteem.

Pro Gun Group Decides to Scare the Shit out of an Anti Gun Group

So you may have heard that the gun control debate in this country is pretty vitriolic (#spoilers).  I’d love to say there is common ground between the pro gun and anti gun forces but if there is, it gets lost when 40 people with guns show up to terrorize four ladies without guns exercise their second amendment rights.

I don’t think that the pro gun position benefits from a bunch of rednecks exercising their constitutional right to scare the shit out of other people exercising a different but just as sacred constitutional right.  In fact, what they managed to do is display exactly why anti gun activists are creeped out by all the guns!

This sort of thing really doesn’t help the cause of gun rights advocates. Or guitar players.

Had those 40 people shown up with signs and left their guns at home, they would have easily gotten the same point across.  Free speech vs. free speech.  Works great for me. Why did they need their guns?  They were demonstrating against  an anti gun group.  The odds they were packing heat seems low, don’t you think?

5 Reasons Shacking up Before Marriage is a Bad Idea

In this article about why good Christians should not cohabitate before marriage, they start right out by calling it “shacking up” instead of – say – “living together.”

Once again we have someone who has a strong opinion but lacks a credible source to support that opinion.  So they just link to an article that spews a bunch of facts without any data to support it.  Who needs a citation when reason number one is “god hates it?”

One piece of “data” in the lame supporting article (from 2009) was particularly interesting. It said that 80% of people who live together before marriage either break up or get a divorce.

Just for the heck of it, let’s assume that number is accurate rather than pulled out of someone’s wishful thinking ass.

How many people out there have been in one relationship?  Most of us have had at least one that failed.  Most of us have more than that.  In fact, I’d say that 80% of relationships of any kind ending in failure is probably a fairly good number.  It might even be better than average.

So….what the fuck are they talking about in this article?

They aren’t talking about living together.  They don’t actually give a damn about that.

What they care about is people who are living together are probably having pre-marital sex.

Because somewhere close to 100% of couples who are living together are having pre-marital sex.

Yes.  I pulled that statistic out of my ass.  I feel pretty good about it, though.

Speaking of Self Righteous Christians Stiffing Their Servers – Here’s another one!

Is this a thing these days?  Stiff your server but make sure they know it is because you are a good Christian?

This loving couple decided that their server (a former Marine) looked like a lesbian.  So much so that they wrote on their check that they could not support her lifestyle (like they knew a thing about her life outside the fact she refilled their drinks) and therefore they could not tip her.

I would assume their thought process went something like this:

1) She looks like a lesbian

2) Therefore she is a lesbian.  Or possibly a drag queen (also bad).

It’s so hard to tell the difference!

3) Therefore if I tip her (or “her”), she will use that money to have sex with another woman (or drag queen – if drag queens have sex with one another – I’m not sure about that).  Or possibly live with another woman (or drag queen), which would mean they are having sex (see above).

4) Therefore if I tip her (or “her’), my children will be damned to eternal torment in the fires of hell.

5) Therefore, god decrees that I be a self righteous d-bag.

6) Praise Jesus!

The Katy Perry/Lady Gaga episode of Glee

I used to be a big fan of “Glee” but I lost interest when all the interesting characters graduated.  They didn’t do a good job introducing new cast members that I really gave a damn about and Sue Sylvester wasn’t in every episode.

I still tune in every now and again if I like the musical theme.

So – guilty confession here – I really like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.  Think their music is catchy as hell.  They both have a gift for writing musical hooks that makes me just a bit jealous.

I realize I’m going to get the shit kicked out of me on the playground for admitting all of this.

Anyway – a “Glee” episode featuring music by Gaga and Perry?  I’m so there!

Except there were four songs in the whole show!  Four!  Two Gaga and two Perry.  On what planet do the producers think we give a crap about the love lives of these teenagers when they could be singing?  Tell us about their love lives through song! That’s what you used to do!

Not even a mash-up?  They couldn’t figure out how to mash up “Just Dance” and “Last Friday Night?”  Hell, I could do that.  Actually, I think I just did that.

Dear Producers of “Glee:” call me.

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  1. NashTheGuitarSnob says :

    Not to quibble, but that gun guy doesn’t have guitars. Those are game controllers for RockBand and GuitarHero.

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      The fact you were able to take your attention away from the dude with the gun is far more impressive than anything else.

  2. CynthiaOi says :

    ronnie when you were feeling low, remember what i said? bastvdjadsja

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