Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 12/6

I missed two weeks.  Apologies to my small by loyal fan base.  This covers three weeks of stuff.  I tried to be picky but you may want to expect that I’ll be more long winded than usual.

Oklahoma Drops Benefits to All National Guard Members so they don’t give Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

They can’t help it.

They are one of those states that has constitutionalized discrimination against same-sex couples and because they are constitutionally forced to discriminate, it’s the only way they can comply with the Supreme court ruling.

You gave benefits to legally married same-sex couples who are in the National Guard? GO TO JAIL!

Or some bullshit.

The gymnastics people go through to deny rights to someone who is serving our country makes me want to vomit.  Especially when most of these people belong to a party that regularly talks about how much we need to respect our troops.

Well, you know, they meant the straight ones.

Hawaii State Rep Bashes Homeless Peoples’ Stuff with a Sledgehammer

Dude hates homeless people so much, he destroys their stuff.

Now if he came into your house and did this, he’d be arrested.  Fortunately, these people don’t have a home.  They may have nothing more than the stuff they push around in a shopping cart.

And this asshole bashes it up.  Because he figures homeless people deserve to have their stuff destroyed because they are such a leech on society.

To be fair, he just disables shopping carts so they can’t use it to wheel their stuff around.  I would assume that is because homeless people leaving their shit strewn around a public park is a lot more attractive than leaving their shit in a shopping cart.

New Test Track Ride at Disney is Their Worst Redesign Ever

Let me be clear: my kids hated this ride.  These are the same kids who used to rank Test Track as one of their five favorite rides at Disney.  When I asked them if they wanted to go on the ride again just to show their mom how dumb it was, they refused.

The ride has always been an advertisement for Chevrolet but it used to be an interesting advertisement for Chevrolet.  It was certainly due for an update but what they did is something every imagineer at the company should be forced to ride for an afternoon just to learn how you should never design a ride.

Let me start with the queueing area.  The Test Track queue used to be awesome.  It was visually interesting, there was stuff happening everywhere and it really educated you (a little) about how cars are tested for safety.  It was one of my favorite queues in the parks.

Now is one big fucking Chevrolet concept car and few smaller concept car models.  No signage.  No hidden Mickeys.  Just a boring one hour wait.  You ever seen a concept car at a car show?

You ever wanted to look at it for an hour?

Once you get to the ride, however, it gets worse.  They have you “design your own car” on touch screens and then you test it out.

At one point, you are told you are doing an environmental test to see how efficient your car is.  Then there is a red light that scans your car.  Then you get told how efficient your car is.

If you were paying attention to how efficient your car was when you designed the thing, you would discover the number is exactly the same.

The interior of the ride looks pretty much exactly like this carpet.

The entire ride now has some cut-rate Phillip Glass knock off soundtrack and a computer voice over that sounds just enough like Majel Roddenberry  to make you miss Majel Roddenberry.

I could probably write an entire blog entry about this horrible travesty of a ride.  And maybe I will.  For now, let me leave you with an analogy.

Imagine that you loved Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries and you could only have them once a year.  That day comes and you gleefully open your box of Crunchberries and pour it out to discover shredded wheat.  The kind without the sweet sugar topping.  And you are out of milk and sugar.

That, my friends, is the new Test Track.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the video produced by Disney.

Hey, Speaking of Disney, Why Can’t they Figure out Internet Service?

I’ve stayed on Disney properties a lot in the last several years.  I love Disney hotels because they put you close to the parks and the theming is amazing.  Every one of them feels different.

In one way, however, they are all the same.

See, they all claim to provide free wireless service.  Yet when you try to connect to the internet, you will do so at speeds rivaling your first modem.

And typically your cell phone service is so lousy that you can’t use the hotspot on your phone.

Now look, I’m on vacation and I honestly would like to be mostly unplugged.

But when you have shows coming up and you’d like to promote them, it would be great if you could spend ten minutes on Facebook creating an event.  Or sharing an event.

What gives, Disney?  I know there are a lot of people who stay at your hotels but I’m betting that the problem isn’t the load because every one of them gave up after the first night!

Then there’s this Idiotic Anti-Union Ad

My biggest issue with the ad?  It’s crappy.  The voice over is lousy.  The camera work is worse. It is a bit difficult to figure out the point they are trying to make with this ad.

What they are saying is pretty stupid, though.  Basically, they are telling us that all these protesters out there asking for an increase in minimum wage are basically hired loafers brought in by the unions to pad their numbers.

What the commercial lacks is any sort of proof.  They provide no evidence for their claims.

Are there really guys like this out there?  Guys who earn a buck by protesting Wal-Mart in spite of the fact that they don’t give a flying fuck about Wal-Mart employees?

Maybe.  I kind of doubt it.

But even if there are, people who do that, how do I know they are a bunch of hipster slackers?  Maybe they work extremely hard at that particlar job.

Maybe they are out of work and trying like hell to get a job and this is the best job they can find right now.

Maybe this dude is just a laid off factory worker trying to make an extra buck! What an asshole!

Or maybe they genuinely think that Wal-Mart employees should be paid better.

Given the folks who made this commercial probably didn’t talk to a single person on a picket line, they probably have no better idea than I do.

White College Students Cry Discrimination about a Lesson on Racism

So these three white guys didn’t like hearing about racism and rather than thinking the lesson might not be about them personally, they decided to get their professor reprimanded.

The victim mentality is so deeply ingrained in people, they decide they are victims when they hear about other people who are being victimized.  If these entitled douchebags really felt their professor was wrong about racism, they could have come up with some fact to support their opposing point of view.

That would have been too much work.  It was way easier to complain about the lesson.

Come to think of it, the lesson might have been about them after all.  Too bad they didn’t listen.

David Barton Says Obama Didn’t Mention God in his Thanksgiving Address

Except – um – he did.

I’m not even happy about that because Thanksgiving is a secular holiday.  The President shouldn’t have to mention god in his speech.

But I’m getting tired of people making claims without bothering to check the facts.  Have these folks missed the fact there is a vast repository of information where you can, among other things, watch Obama’s speech?

That’s hilarious! Tell me another one!

Facts, however, can be the enemy of a good rant.  I recognize there is some irony in making this statement as part of a blog that is mostly about ranting but hear me out.

Facts are important.  You can totally rant all you want but if you are going to claim that a Georgia school confiscated christmas cards when they didn’t actually do that, you ought to at least admit you were wrong.

Being wrong, however, gets in the way of a good story.

It sounds better if Obama is part of the war on Christianity.  Why retract a statement that is false when you never really cared if it was true?

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