Shit that Pissed me off – 1/10

Wisconsin State Senator Wants to Make Sure Workers are Allowed to work Seven Days a week

Talk about a completely dishonest putz.  Wisconsin labor law says that an employee must have a 24 hour break in a seven day week.  It also says that this requirement can be waived by joint request of the employer and employee.

But Senator Grothman feels just awful for the hard working citizens of his state who desperately want to work seven days a week so they can earn some extra overtime but big government won’t let them!  He wants to get rid of that restrictive law that prevents people from the windfall of overtime money that would await them if they could only have a seven day work week.

If there’s one thing that would make my job better, it would be if I could spend even less time with my family!

Does that sound like something workers are crying out for in Wisconsin?

Do we imagine that a lot of employers want to shell out a whole ton of overtime?

Or is it more likely that they’d like to have employees work shorter shifts seven days a week and they can’t get their employees to sign that pesky waiver?

Mom Kicks her Nine Year Old Son to Death

This story is on The Friendly Atheist and it points out that the Mom is, apparently, a devout Christian.  Her Christianity did not provide her with enough moral guidance to realize that kicking her son was wrong.

Thing is, as much as it bothers me when someone tells me I have no moral compass because I’m not religious, it bothers me a lot more that a nine year old is dead for no fucking good reason.  The kid is dead because his mom beat the shit out of him.

Worse, he had reported the abuse and it was being investigated.  But he was still in his mother’s home.  And now he’s dead.

Even with complete recognition of all the complexities that have to be involved in a situation like this, I have to ask: if we can’t protect a kid like this from being beaten to death by his mom when we are aware there is a problem, what the hell is wrong with us?

Comedian Makes a Joke Implying Pearl Harbor Veterans are Old and the Internet Freaks out

So all Natasha Leggero said was that SpaghettiOs are the only food living Pearl Harbor survivors could eat.  Because most of them can only eat soft food at this point.  Because they are really old.

It isn’t the most clever joke ever written but it ignited a firestorm that forced her to issue a statement that basically said “I’m not going to apologize.  Grow up.”

Pearl Harbor happened in the 40’s???? Holy shit! Those survivors are pretty fucking old!

She said this in response to a great many people who voiced their opposition to her sense of humor in appropriate fashion. You know, death threats, rape threats and creative uses of the word “cunt.”

Hooray for the internet!  Once again they heroically come to the rescue of a bunch of people who were not the least bit in need of protection!

The CEO of Starbucks Didn’t Say Something Inflammatory

If you click through to the article, you will see a headline saying that the CEO of Starbucks told his shareholders that if they were for “traditional” marriage, they could take their business elsewhere.

I gotta be honest.  I wish he’d said that.  But he didn’t.

What he said was this:

I don’t know how many things you invest in, but I would suspect not many things, companies, products, investments have returned 38% over the last 12 months.

He then went on to defend diversity but he never actually told defenders of “traditional” marriage that they should put their money into Chic Fil-A.  He basically said “dude, you can sell your shares if you want to make a stupid financial decision.  That’s your call.  I’m not feeling like our policy of being nice to gay people is that bad because the last I checked, gay people drink coffee.”

I give the guy credit for vocal support of his company’s policy but let’s be clear, he did not fire the next volley in the culture wars.

Unless you consider that he pointed out being nice to gay people is a sound business model. Then maybe he did.

Burger King Forced to Recall Dessert Packaging Because It was Sacrilegious

Apparently if you squinted properly, the lid looked like Arabic for Allah.  So a concerned Muslim promptly declared a Jihad.

I kind of feel sorry for this guy.  He wants to participate in a Jihad so badly, he has declared one on a fast food restaurant.  With so many virgins there for the taking, he really needs to bring the hurt to Burger King based on unintentionally offensive graphic design.

Here’s a logo that looks like a penis! JIHAD!!!!!

It makes one wonder:  is this really what Allah had in mind?  I mean, does Allah freak out about dessert?  Wouldn’t he be more offended by the shitty quality of food at Burger King than the lid on some ice cream?

Pastor Trying on Atheism Gets Fired

I wrote about the fact that I’m not completely jazzed by his methodology.  Still, I don’t think the dude should lose his job because he is asking questions.

Actually, he is a contractor so he didn’t get fired per se.  They just chose to tell him his services weren’t needed until he returned to Jesus (if, in fact, he does return).

He should have expected that a religious institution would not be interested in faculty that was openly questioning their faith (and he says he did). Perhaps he just hoped that their Christian values would prevent them from taking away his livelihood.  If that was the case, he sure chose poorly.

There’s good news on this one, though.  Atheists, agnostics and Christians have raised money to help him continue his journey even without gainful Christian employment.

I expect at the end of his year of living like an atheist, he will continue being a Christian.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  But yeah, I threw a few bucks his way.  I like this kind of respectful dialogue and I’m going to support it.

Climate Change Deniers Use the Record Cold Snap to Prove – Once Again – That They Know Nothing about Climate

So Donald Trump, who is, apparently, a climatologist, has been arguing bitching that this week’s cold snap proves that global warming is bullshit.

Now I wonder if we went back to the winter of 2011-2012, which was the fourth warmest winter on record, if we’d find evidence of Donald Trump saying “holy fuck!  Global Warming is real!” because clearly a single event is more important than a whole shit ton of data.

It seems painfully obvious that if it ever gets cold anywhere where there are people, global warming is a gigantic hoax.  Even if other parts of the globe were experiencing record highs at the same time.

La la la la la la la! I can’t hear you!

Except that’s stupid.  I imagine most climate change deniers who aren’t Donald Trump realize that three days of frigid temperatures don’t prove their point.  It is a blip on the data set.

And honestly, people like Trump would look at any weather event and claim that it disproves climate change.  Confirmation bias, anyone?

Twin Cities are the Coldest Major Metropolitan area in the Country

You know who’s number two? Anchorage fucking Alaska!

That’s right Alsakans!  You can suck it because Minnesota out colds your land of the midnight sun asses!

We’re number one!  We’re number one!

Hang on.  I’m going to keep celebrating but I’ve got to put on another pair of socks first.

Newly Discovered Hebrew Text Fails to Reveal the Location of the Ark of the Coventant, Claims it Cannot be Known

We’ve narrowed the location down to one of these crates.

Well shit!

Does this mean that everything in Raiders of the Lost Ark was a lie????

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