Geeks Without God talk about Life of Pi

Geeks Without GodThis week’s Geeks Without God was my idea.  I’m sure Molly and Nick will want everyone to know because boy oh boy were they unhappy that I made them watch the movie.

I’ve actually been pushing for Life of Pi to be a topic for quite a while. I was certain that my co-hosts wouldn’t like the movie and yet it has a premise that is perfect for our podcast.

Early in the movie we are told that Pi has a story that will make us believe in god.

When watching the movie in the theatre, I was actually really interested to learn what that story might be.  Sure, the movie is fiction so it is not trying to convince me that there is a god.  It was more of an intellectual exercise.  If this story was true, would it make me believe in god?

I’m not going to give away the answer to that question.  You’ll just have to listen for yourself.

Also, if you are a Dregs fan, check out my new weekly blog that includes a rehearsal recording of our newest song!

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