Shit That Pissed Me Off – 2/7

Coke Super Bowl Ad Creates Unsurprising Freak Out

The ad was supposed to be patriotic.  It started with “America the Beautiful” in English and then transitioned to the song being sung in other languages.

Now the concept (I think) was to show how people from other countries immigrate (legally) to America to pursue a dream of freedom and blah blah blah America is awesome.  Fortunately, the internet is filled with people who wanted to prove to Coke that America is not, in fact awesome.

They objected to the whole idea that an American song could be sung in any language other than American!  How dare Coke suggest such a thing?

Is the word “Coke” even English?

They also freaked out about the fact that the commercial featured an openly gay couple prominently displayed in a song written by a lesbian.

The saddest commentary to me is the fact that when we watched the commercial at our Super Bowl party, we predicted the response.  And no, that doesn’t make us psychic.  Predicting stupidity requires no special skills.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Dead

When a celebrity dies, I don’t feel much.  I don’t know those people.  I don’t live in their world.  I may enjoy what they do but there is not a personal sense of loss.  At least not usually.

But Hoffman was one of my favorite actors.  I didn’t like every movie he was in but I liked him in every role. He was only 46 years old.  He and I are were the same age.  There were so many great roles he would have played.

What’s even more annoying is how many people are judging him for his addiction to heroin.  Some of these people are smokers and heavy drinkers.  I wonder how easy they think it is to kick an addiction.  Can they quit any time they want?

Hoffman was drug free for 23 years before he relapsed.  That relapse cost him his life.  Sure, you can argue that he should have known better.

He probably did know better.  But he couldn’t stop himself.  And now all I can do is re-watch Capote and wish there was another role he would play.

Militant Atheists Are Using Chemtrails To Poison Angels

Holy shit!

This guy is completely insane!

Actually, the site is a parody site.  A parody site that is extremely difficult to differentiate from a real site.

I can’t believe it’s not satire!


So who is the satire for?  Seems to me that whoever created this site wants to laugh at everybody.  They want to laugh at the crazy zealots who actually agree with their posts and they want to laugh at the folks who disagree as well because those people aren’t smart enough to recognize the joke.

It’s like they are trying to punk the whole internet.  That’s fine, I guess, except hardly anyone is laughing with them.  Knowing that it’s parody doesn’t make it funny to me. What is the point of making a joke that isn’t funny to anyone else?

You aren’t being a comedian. You’re just being a dick.

Gun Lobbyist Thinks Blacks In America Should be More Like Blacks In Africa

I’m sure if you asked him he would tell you that he isn’t a racist.  He likes black people!

Specifically, he likes black people from Africa.  People like the the folks in the country of Ghana who have made abortion and homosexuality illegal.  Those black people get it.

The guy has his own radio show so that means there’s nobody out there to tell him to shut up.  Besides, I don’t imagine anyone with a differing world view tunes in for more than a few intolerable seconds.

But I’m sure his statements will draw a whole lot of new listeners from Africa.  Just look at how much he likes them!

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham

I’ve already said that I don’t like the idea of anyone debating Ken Ham but Bill Nye spoke for science quite well.  Good for him.

What upsets me about Ken Ham the most is his intractable stance on Creationism.  His argument against evolution is as follows:

1)  What the Bible says is literally true.

2)  Therefore anything not in the Bible is false.

Not in the Bible. Therefore: false!

Because of that, when he was asked if there was anything that would convince him he was wrong, he said “no.”

I’ve had recent arguments with people about how arrogant atheists are but why, I wonder, do these same people fail to see the arrogance in Ham’s position?  Bill Nye at least answered the question by saying evidence would change his mind.  He is not immovable.  Give good evidence for your claim and he will consider it.

Ham is saying that he doesn’t care about the evidence because the Bible is true.  Period.  That, to me, is intolerable arrogance.

22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe in Evolution

Ah Buzzfeed!  I’m so glad you have something for everyone!

This group of questions include the idiotic (“Is it completely illogical that the Earth was created mature?”) to the insulting (“Are you scared of a divine creator?”) to the incomprehensible (“What about Noetics?”)

The people in these pictures look nice but their questions betray an ignorance that I find frustrating.  It isn’t just that they don’t believe in Evolution.  Just like Ken Ham, they are unwilling to consider any evidence for evolution.  Their questions come from a place of willful blindness. And arrogance.

Oh, and to answer the three questions I mentioned:

Yes, it is completely illogical that Earth was created mature.  Why would god willfully mislead his creation as to the age of the Earth?  Also, if your mythical flood happened and it wiped out all the vegetation on land, there are trees that are older than that.  Even if god had created a “mature” Earth, the oldest trees would need to be no older than the flood.

No, I’m not afraid of a divine creator.  I’m not afraid of vampires either.

And Noetics? What the fuck are you talking about?  What about it?  What about Aesthetics?  What about Bird Watching?  What about toast????

Felicia Day Cut Her Hair And Fanboys Lose It

Day is the perfect fanboy dream girl, right?  She’s a gamer, comic book reader and all around geeky lady who is also dead sexy.  As long as she doesn’t change anything about herself, fanboys will drool all over her.

Sorry to tell you guys this, she cut her hair.  Actually, I’m not sorry because it’s her hair.

The internet is so up in arms about it that the created a meme image showing how much better she looked before she had short hair.


The first problem that the average human being just notices right away is the before picture isn’t actually Felicia Day.  So even if we were to agree that the sexy “look at my boobs” pose in the before picture is hotter than the short-haired selfie in the second, we are talking about two different people.

For my own part, I think Day’s new look is…none of my business.  She likes the way she looks.  That ought to be the end of the conversation.

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3 responses to “Shit That Pissed Me Off – 2/7”

  1. ronn says :

    I really like Phil Plait’s take on both the debate (Ham on Nye – to make a weak, vaguely delicatessen-sounding joke) and the 22 questions. I hear Nye did well but I was worried that by debating creationists you grant their ideas “false equivalency”. It would be to me like debating Santa Claus’s existence (spoiler!) in an Economics class. As Phil said “Science isn’t a theory to debate – it’s a process for discovering information” – or somesuch. I couldn’t agree more with your statement “Ham is saying that he doesn’t care about the evidence because the Bible is true. Period. That, to me, is intolerable arrogance”. I wonder sometimes if our side isn’t hamstrung by our honesty, open-mindedness and fairness to the truth. Maybe the movement really needs assh*les like Dawk*ins from time-to-time just to keep our team in the fight?

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      I actually meant to link to Plait’s response in my blog post. My bad.

      Here’s the link.

      I think Atheists get called arrogant because we are denying something that so many people believe in. If we just said “there’s no such thing as Unicorns,” nobody would say that we can’t prove a negative. Nor would they feel we are attacking them by saying such a thing.

      When we say “there’s no god,” some feel we are assaulting them by making the very statement. They haven’t done anything to us so why would we do something as horrible as hold an opposing point of view? Honesty can be easily interpreted as arrogance if you don’t like what the person is saying.

  2. Jason Schwanz says :

    The first thing that struck me about the Ham/Nye debate is that Ham’s spiel hasn’t changed a bit since I first listened to it in the late 80’s early 90’s, back when I was a new Christian and the creationism/evolution debate was a big deal to me. I’ve learned so much science since then that it is impossible for me to consider the Bible as a literal source of historic information.

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