Amateur Sexting

My wife was out of town at a gaming convention last week and I was feeling a bit randy Saturday night.  Having read a lot about sexting, I thought I would try it out.   What follows is a transcripts of the sexts that I sent to my wife.  In the interests of privacy, I feel it is best if I don’t share her responses.

10:48 PM Kids are in bed.  I’m going to start sexting now.  I’ve never done this before so…

10:50 PM So…what are you playing?  I mean WEARING!  What are you WEARING?

10:53 PM I don’t have any long underwear on right now!

….I left it in the bag with the kids’ wet swim suits.

10:55 PM This is getting so hot, I’m not wearing any shoes!

10:56 PM I’m wearing slippers.  Still…HOT, right?

10:58 PM  I’m taking off my socks verrrrrrrrry slowwwwwwwly

10:59 PM Holy shit it is cold here! I’m putting my socks back on.  We can do this in sock feet, right?

11:00 PM I’m getting a blanket verrrrry slowwwwwwly.

11:02 PM I’m letting ice drip all over you right now.  Isn’t it sexy baby?

11:08 PM Sorry for the delay.  Had to dry off the phone.

11:09 PM  I’m a little worried about when we get to the sex part…one of my hands is going to be busy…

11:10 PM Can we pretend that I got your bra unhooked in one try?  It’s supposed to be a fantasy, right?

11:12 PM  Well why don’t you sit out the next hand?  This should only take a couple more minutes.

11:14 PM Yeah baby.  Just like that.  I’m getting close!

11:14 PM Ohms god yeah barge I’m comment!

11:14 PM  Was it good for you?

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