Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/7

What the Fuck is Wrong With You, Arizona?

So in Phoenix they are detaining sex workers, taking them to a church and then coercing them into joining a (religious) recovery program without access to lawyers.  This can be done, I guess, because the workers are technically not under arrest.  They will only be under arrest if they don’t join the program.


It is so much easier to coerce people when you don’t arrest them first!

Sometimes I think you don’t deserve the Grand Canyon. Especially since there was a time when you would have dammed it and turned it into a big fucking lake if you’d had the chance.

A week after Arizona tries (and fails thanks to one person) to make discrimination against gays extra illegal, this story comes out.  It seems that the high heat in the summertime might be adversely affecting some people by making them feel that just because something is legal, it is also moral.

Rep. Steve King Fears Straight People Will Pretend to be Gay in Order to Entrap Anti-Gay Businesses

I can think of a really easy solution to this problem.

Just do business with gay people.

Problem solved!  You’ll never have to worry about a couple of asshole straight guys walking into your flower shop holding hands and demanding you sell them flowers or they’ll sue!  What’s the worst than can happen in this scenario?

You’ll go to hell for engaging in commerce?

If you want to be safe, just put up a sign in your window that says “this business is straights only.  And by straights, we mean people who are actually straight and not straight people pretending to be gay in order to make an easy buck!”

Because lawsuits are easy money!

I don’t know about Steve King.  He says a lot of hilarious stuff.  Is it possible Al Franken isn’t the only comedian in Congress?

Senate Won’t Allow Vote on Sexual Assault Law

I’ve addressed the idea of cloture before.  The Senate basically doesn’t want to be bothered with actual Filibusters (unless they are showboating) so they have a rule that you need 60 votes to end debate and call a vote.

You don’t have to actually debate anything once you have a cloture vote.  If the vote doesn’t pass, you can just suspend the conversation and move on to other things you’ll never bring to an actual vote.

This debate is so boring! Can we just end the debate and move on to another one that I think is more interesting?

I think it is the most cowardly political move ever.  If you are afraid that someone is going to give you shit for voting against a bill that would provide additional protection for sexual assault victims in the military, vote for the bill.  Or stand up for your messed up principles and vote against it. Don’t be a fucking wimp.  Stand for something.  Even if that something is unpopular.

That’s what you got elected to do.

House Votes to Undo Affordable Care Act for the 50th Time

Speaking of doing what you are elected to do, why the hell is the house voting to undo the Affordable Care Act again?  Do they think that they haven’t gotten the message across?

Do they think their constituents just don’t feel they hate Obamacare enough?  They might lose the Tea Party vote to someone if they don’t just constantly keep voting against that one law that they were elected to hate?

I want to know if there is some sort of trophy for the 50th vote.  If so, can we give ’em all their plaque and move on?

And please tell me there isn’t a bigger plaque when they get to 100.

Airline Passenger Doesn’t Like Women in the Cockpit so he Leaves a Note

It’s one thing to be a misogynist douchebag who thinks that women shouldn’t fly airplanes.  It’s another thing to leave a note to that effect.

What did this asshole think he would accomplish by telling his pilot that she had no right to fly an airplane?  Did he think she would stop?  Did he think he was punching his ticket into heaven by pointing out that she should spend her time being a mother?

When that guy who left the note for the female airline pilot dies, I’m totally going to get his autograph! I love that guy!

This asshole should have thanked his pilot for getting him to his destination safely but instead he decided to shame her for being a woman.  As if she had any say in what gender she happened to be.

If WestJet wanted to send the right kind of message, I think they should think about telling this bastard that there are lots of other airlines out there and he should pick one of them because he is no longer welcome on theirs.

The Whole “Duke Porn Star” Story

Speaking of shaming women, this story has even more shaming!

If you’ve been carefully avoiding all news on the internet, here’s the story.  A young woman worked in the porn industry to help finance her college education at Duke University.  She seems pretty OK with the decision.  Pretty mature decision, actually.

Another freshman at college recognized her.  One presumes this is because he is a porn consumer.  He promised he would not reveal her profession to the rest of the University.  Then he did.

And now she is being subjected to just about every kind of sexual harassment while he is being hailed (by some) as a hero.  Anybody see what is wrong with this picture?

More important: why doesn’t everybody see what is wrong with this picture?  I am raising two boys and I love them very much.  Nothing horrifies me more than the thought they might engage in the kind of behavior this young woman is experiencing for being sexually active (and open about it).  If I teach them anything, I would hope it would be that young women deserve the same amount of respect and compassion as young men.

And that a woman’s body is her own.  They have no right to judge her choices.

She has lost friends over this.  She has lost her privacy over this.  I’d love it if someone could show me a time when a young man was revealed as a porn star and received anything more than an enthusiastic high-five.

Roger Deakins Fails To Win For Best Cinematography

We all know I’m a film buff and it wouldn’t be Oscar week without some sort of movie mini-rant.

This year, I’m just going to beg the Academy voters who read this blog (all zero of you) to find a way to give Roger Deakins an Oscar.  I know the cinematography for Gravity was fabulous and I guess I’m not upset that it won so much as I’m upset that Deakins lost again.

What the hell do I have to shoot to win an Oscar, guys! Just tell me and I’ll shoot it! Do I have to do a Transformers movie? I’ll do a Transformers movie!!!!

For those unfamiliar with cinema, the fact Deakins doesn’t have an Oscar is analogous to the fact Martin Scorsese didn’t win an Oscar until he made The Departed.  Deakins is the best at this particular job.  You want proof?

The Shawshank Redemption, Fargo, The Man Who Wasn’t There, No Country for Old Me, The Reader, Skyfall.

There’s your proof.  What the hell, Oscars?  What the hell?

Logical solution: Deakins shoots every film this year.  Then he can’t lose.

Pizza Driver Was Robbed at Gunpoint and Then Fired

So my brother-in-law delivers Pizza and he’s been robbed at gunpoint.  My wife was also robbed when she worked at a candy story.  While it has never happened to me, I have to say that it sound like one of the most traumatic things you can experience.

So this guy, who has a three-year-old, was fired because he didn’t put his cash in the “red box” as drivers are instructed to do at the beginning of their shift.  The box exists to ensure that drivers don’t have more than $20 on them at any time.

Sounds like a good practice that might cut down on robberies but sure shouldn’t result in the loss of a job.  Especially when the driver could lose his money, his credit cards, his car and – oh yeah – his life.

Also of note, the person who took the order didn’t trust the customer and was allegedly forced to send the driver out in spite of their reservations.  The sale was more important than the employee.

It is a critical message to anyone.  Your company doesn’t give a crap about you.  They don’t have to.  There is another person like you who can do the same thing you do.  You should never act as if your employer has your back because they don’t.

Sorry. That was a downer to end with.  Here’s a picture of a kitten.

Please don’t shoot me! I have a three year old daughter!

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5 responses to “Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/7”

  1. Jess says :

    Did you see the follow up story on the Duke issue where one of the porn companies that jerk subscribes to has publicly offered him (in an excellently snarky manner) $10k to appear in one of their videos? The CEO of the site said $10k would probably fund his $200/month porn habit quite readily, and asked if his parents (assuming they pay for his education) know he’s using living expense money to fund a hard core porn site habit.

    It was a pretty excellent follow up story, even though he’ll still see less backlash than she did.

  2. ronn says :

    Dagnabbit! Jess beat me to the punch, I too wanted to glory in the “Duke Hypocrite gets his comeuppance” story by posting first.

    Meanwhile – Yay Arizona? What are you trying to steal Florida’s title as the “Craziest State”?

  3. Geoffrey says :

    I think Michelle Bachman knows about that competition.

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