Shit That Pissed Me Off – 4/11

There Is A Direct Relationship Between How Much Someone Knows About The Ukraine And The Likelihood They Believe We Should Get Involved

While I think the situation in the Ukraine is alarming, I also think that there is very little the US can (or should) do about it.  I don’t know if that is because I know where the Ukraine is on a map but it seems clear there might be some relation.

In a very interesting survey, the Washington Post found that the less you knew about the Ukraine, the more likely you were to think we should get involved.

The map in the article shows where respondents placed the Ukraine on a map.  It’s pretty troubling when you see that more than one person chose Australia.  Or Greenland.

Yes. Some of the dots are in the fucking ocean.


Now, there is a possibility some of these people were dickishly selecting the wrong location just to skew numbers.

Even allowing for that, people are forming opinions about something they know nothing about.  I’ll bet if they were educated about the situation, though, they wouldn’t change their minds.  People are dumb that way.


New Geocentrist Documentary Tricked Several People Into Appearing

Geocentrism, if you don’t know, is the belief that the Sun (and the rest of the universe) revolves around the Earth.

It is a position that was debunked hundreds of years ago. Pretty much every natural law that exists can’t work in a geocentric model.  If you believe the sun revolves around the Earth, you are a fucking idiot.

I know that was an ad hominem attack.  I’m sorry that you are a fucking idiot.

So the trailer features narration by Kate Mulgrew and also features physicist Laurence Krauss.  Both Mulgrew and Krauss have since stated that they had no idea what the movie was about when their portions were recorded.  The maker of the film, then, tricked them into appearing.

Which begs the question: if you have to lie to make it look like smart people support your fucking idiotic opinion, isn’t there something wrong with your opinion?

Republican Nominee For Minnesota 1st Congressional District Is A Creationist Nutbag

He’s been going around talking about how Evolution is being taught in schools (good) and it made his daughter cry because she doesn’t believe in evolution.

He then says that the teacher indicated that she agreed with her student but had “no choice.”

It’s bad enough that this idiot is passing his stupidity on to his kids.  But what about this teacher?

Do they also believe Flubber is real?

First off, the story is probably bullshit.  The teacher probably expressed no such opinion and this guy is just making it up so Christians look just a little more persecuted for believing in an Earth that is 6000 years old without any credible evidence to support that belief.

If the story is true, however, what the hell is that person doing teaching science?  Are we so short of science teachers in this country that we are willing to have teachers that don’t understand science?

Sadly, the answer is probably yes.

Former Senator Shows Remarkable Ability To Misinterpret The Constitution

Jim DeMint is the head of a conservative think tank that, apparently, doesn’t do a hell of a lot of thinking.  He ignores several rather touchy parts of the constitution and claims that slavery ended because of that document, not any sort of federal intrusion.

I mean, I guess if you count the thirteenth amendment, he’s kind of right.  That amendment sort of just wrote itself, right?

What is interesting about the conservative point of view here is the inability to admit that a liberal point of view has ever been right.  To the point of creating a fantasy world in which slavery apparently ended itself.

After Extensive Debate, Minnesota Passes Anti-Bullying Bill

I’m sure that the reason Republicans were opposing this bill had everything to do with an objection to big government and nothing to do with homophobia, right?

Because if you were opposing a bullying bill because you had a problem with the “gay agenda,” you’d come off as a pretty major fucking asshole.

That would be like saying “if we protect all kids from bullying, we’d be protecting gay kids from bullying.  And we don’t want to protect gay kids from bullying.”

Not even the biggest opponent to the recognition of homosexuals as fellow human beings would want to look like that much of a dick, right?


They totally went there.  Talked about how this law was making it difficult for good Christian families because they might have to explain about the gays to their kids and they would rather just pretend the gays didn’t exist.

If we don’t talk about it, it will go away! Just like it went away in the dark ages.

Oh sure, a few of them argued the whole “big government” angle but the big objection seems to be all about the gay agenda.  Better to let the bullies do their thing than to let the gays win.

I’m serious – I simply cannot respect the Republican party as long as they are comfortable using homophobia to argue against making sure kids don’t get beaten up at school.

Iraq Is Considering A Law That Would Legalize Child Marriage

Right now, the Iraq parliament is considering a law that would legalize marriage for girls as young as nine years old.  It would also say that women must legally submit to the sexual demands of their husbands.

It also says Muslim men can’t legally marry non-Muslims so, you know, it’s not all that great for the guys either, right?

Maybe this law won’t pass.  That would be great.

However, I’m pissed that this law was even proposed.  It legalizes rape and pedophilia because their religion says those things are OK.

Any religion that says such things are OK is fundamentally flawed.

I Missed That Yesterday Was Sibling Day So I’m The Worst Brother Ever!!!!

Is this stuff new?  Is it an internet thing?

Every day is something day.  There’s craft beer day (don’t care), hug a dolphin day (hard to do), dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow day (who needs an excuse), and so many more.  I just can’t keep track!

So to all the Tim Wicks out there who I missed on “post a picture of someone with the same name as you” day, I’m sorry.  I’ll try to do better next year.

But hey, here’s a picture of my Brother in Washington D.C.  He is one of the smartest and most passionate people I know.  He knows everyone.  Like almost everyone I meet knew David first.



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  1. sylvan012 says :

    “I simply cannot respect the Republican party as long as they are comfortable using homophobia to argue against making sure kids don’t get beaten up at school.” – hear, hear!

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