Friend a Day – Teri Flores


Teri is one of those special people that makes you grateful to have been in the right place at the right time to know her.

Teri and I live a long way apart and that is a shame.  We see each other once every few years and fall into long, easy conversations that only end when we are in desperate need of sleep.

Pretty remarkable that a friendship can be that strong after only one year at college and long periods of time with little or no contact.  The internet has made regular contact much more common and for that small favor, I’m grateful for Facebook every day.

Terry is an artist and she shares her work on Facebook all the time.  I know that what I see is only a fraction of what she produces but I love the passion she has to create.  She always seems to be exploring that part of herself and every now and again she posts a snapshot of what she’s working on.  Every snapshot makes me wish I could see more.

When we were in school together, I remember spending long hours in the art studio talking while she worked.  She really loved being an artist even if she was often frustrated by the process of making art.  From everything I see, she still loves being an artist.

She has a wonderful wit that gets her though a lot of life challenges.  She isn’t always happy but she refuses to be sad.

I think the reason I like talking with her so much is because she is so good at it.  Conversations with her are interesting because she speaks with such a distinctive character.

She’s also a devoted mom and whenever she talks about her son, you can see her brighten up more than usual.  That kid is super lucky.

But then, anyone who knows Teri is super lucky.


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