Friend a Day – Laurie Richardson


Photo by John Solberg

Laurie is one of those people who comes up with exciting crazy ideas and then actually makes those crazy ideas happen.  Several years ago, she decided that we should have trading cards for Vilification Tennis.  I said that was a great idea and if she could make it happen, I was completely behind it.

Well, she made it happen and it has been a crazy popular idea ever since.

She has a great impish smile that betrays a new idea.  She can’t wait to tell you about it and I can’t wait to hear it. I’ve learned to never say anything so foolish as “you’ll never figure out a way to do that” because the fact is she already has.

She’s been a performer with Vilification Tennis for several years and is always writing new material that is clever and unique.  I can hear a joke and know it is a Laurie joke.

One of the things Laurie is really passionate about is animals.  She’s worked for veterinary clinics and the Humane Society most of the time I’ve known her.  When someone lost a pet, she cried with them.  When someone abandoned some kittens behind a gas station on a cold winter night, she took the survivor into her home, nursed it until it was healthy enough to find a home, and then found it a good home (ours).

That’s just one animal she rescued.  There have been many others.

She understands the bond people form with their pets and shows amazing compassion for pet owners and their animals.

She’s also spent many hours renovating her home.  Her house has been transformed by hours of hard work.  It takes a lot of drive and determination to buy a house knowing that it will take years to turn it into the house you really want and to continually work towards that goal.

I like Laurie because she does things.  She is an idea person who makes the ideas happen.  It makes her a really fun person to be around.

Laurie doesn’t have a web site but right now, she is raising money for the annual Humane Society Walk for Animals.  It’s something she’s very passionate about.  So if you think she’s as cool as I do, you should go to her page and donate a few bucks.

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