Shit That Pissed Me Off – 4/18

Indian Politician Says Women Should Be Hanged With Their Rapists

I would love to believe that there is a little voice inside everyone’s head that says things like “you shouldn’t say that out loud” and idiots like this simply don’t listen.  It is bad enough he thinks a woman who is physically assaulted by a man is just as responsible as the man.

Because she made him do it.  Simply by being a woman.  And for that, hang ’em both high.  That should totally solve the problem.

I’m just posting a picture of a flower because I need to calm down.

But you have to be the worst kind of person if you actually choose to say that sort of thing in a room filled with other people.

That said, I suppose I’d rather he put his horrific opinion out there so everyone knows what an awful excuse for a compassionate human he is.

Student Prosecuted For Recording Other Kids Bullying Him

He was prosecuted because he didn’t have consent to film his bullies.

Now I understand that in the state he resides, the law says he shouldn’t have done that.  So thank goodness the prosecutors saw a great opportunity to teach a child a lesson!

He learned that if he is getting bullied, he has no defense.  If he wants to prove what other children are doing to him, he should ask permission before he records their behavior.  And if they don’t give it, he should just live with it because he can’t prove what they did.

The alternative is that he’ll be intimidated by the legal system and the kids who were intimidating him won’t be punished at all.

All the adults involved in this debacle deserve a gold star for insensitivity!

Blood Moon at 2:00 AM?

I tried to stay up to see the blood moon this week.  I didn’t make it.

That is probably a good thing since I have to get up pretty early in the morning but no matter how many pictures I see, I just can’t help being frustrated that I didn’t see the real thing.

It looked like this in my dreams. *sniff*

A lot of religious nuts are once again calling this the end times because crazy people are crazy.  What a tragedy it is for them to be unable to enjoy the moment for what it is.

That is the shadow of the Earth!  The Earth casts a shadow on the moon!

If there is one thing that pisses me off more than any other, it is when crazy idiots come up with some sort of insane supernatural explanation for something that is far cooler when you just pay attention to the science.

Sign of the end times?

No.  It’s a gigantic shadow!!!!!

A Super Condescending Article About Female Privilege

No link on this one.  Because fuck that guy.

I know that I shouldn’t have read this one.  It was clear from the moment I saw the title of the article it would be a bad idea to click on the link.

But there it was.  Eighteen reasons women have all sorts of privilege compared to us poor dudes.

First one:

Female privilege is being able to walk down the street at night without people crossing the street because they’re automatically afraid of you.

Really? That’s a privilege?  It must totally suck to be you asshole.  You go outside and the ladies just cross the street to get away from you.  And that’s their privilege.

Well hey, maybe you should ask how privileged it feels to look at every guy walking down the street as a potential attacker.  Give me a fucking break, you whiner.  You have no idea how much privilege you exhibited by complaining about someone else’s.

Let us be clear – there are definitely some privileges women enjoy that men do not.  However, in the balance, men enjoy a great many more so an article bitching about minuscule frustrations guys experience from time to time hardly advances the conversation.

I’ve entertained the idea that this article is satire, but I think the guy is serious.  A serious asshole.

Turns Out Even Atheists Don’t Trust Atheists

A study published this week suggests that Americans don’t trust atheists very much.  I’m paraphrasing the study a bit but when asked if they would characterize a serial killer about which they knew nothing except the fact he was a serial killer as more likely to be an atheist, almost 50% of the respondents did.  Even atheists.

We atheists can recognize each other by smell.

As an atheist, I’m frustrated with the societal view that atheists are somehow more capable of being immoral than anyone else.  The common misconception is that god is the only place from which you can get your morals.

The dude who wants to put raped women to death is very religious?  How do we all feel about his moral compass?  Is god pointing him in the right direction?

Prisons are filled with Christians who didn’t quite manage to find a moral compass in church.  Christians aren’t the only people in prison but the point is, if god was the only thing you needed to lead a moral life, there shouldn’t be any, should there?

We all need to realize once and for all that religious or not, we get our morals from ourselves and not from god.

In Louisiana, Lawmakers Vote To Keep An Unconstitutional Law On The Books

I’d have thought we were past laws that ban sodomy and blow jobs.  The supreme court has ruled such laws are unconstitutional but there are religious groups out there who continue to fight to keep them on the books.

I imagine that they do it because they hope someday the court will rule that such laws are constitutional again and then they don’t have to go through the trouble of writing new laws.

Religious groups are pushing to keep these laws because, I imagine, they see evidence of the decay of society in the legalization of blow jobs.  That, or they view it as an additional element of danger (and excitement) when the church secretary is giving them one.

 Hey Look! Here’s Something Else Michelle Bachmann Didn’t Say!

Come on, internet!  Must we continue to tar and feather Bachmann with made up quotes when her actual quotes are bad enough?

I saw this meme last week and immediately pegged it as false.  It keeps popping up, though.  This is the second time in a month that I’ve had to point out that Bachman didn’t actually say something the internet claims she said.

Fort Wood? I’ll be her husband would totally want to go there!

I don’t like her.  I don’t want to defend her.  But we all need to remember that the internet is not a place to believe anything until you actually do your research.  Most articles are just cut and pasted from other article and until you can find the original source of something, you shouldn’t trust it.

And hey, liberal America, Bachman isn’t running for re-election!  She’s on the crazy bus but that bus isn’t headed to Washington any more!  Why don’t we deal with the men and women who are actually going to be making (or not making) laws next year?  Bachman will earn lot of money  as a pundit (and that pisses me off) but she remains relevant only so long as we keep paying attention to her.

And making shit up about her.

This Article About Male Comic Fans Who Can’t Take Criticism

The opening line of this article says it all.

“I think this woman is wrong about something on the Internet. Clearly my best course of action is to threaten her with rape.”

I mean holy shit, right?  When you say it like that, doesn’t it sound idiotic?  The point this author makes (and the dick author of the female privilege author doesn’t get) is that this is a problem that guys need to help solve.  When we see other guys doing this shit, we need to call them on it.

You disagree with a woman on the internet?  Disagree with what she said.  Don’t disagree with her gender.

Nobody is saying you can’t argue with a woman on the internet.  But if you are going to argue with anyone, you should learn not to be a dick about it.

Not being a dick rule #1: Don’t make rape threats.

Seriously – why the fuck do we need to make that a rule??????

21 Year Old Who Almost Killed a Guy While Texting and Driving Doesn’t Care

Well of course she doesn’t care.

She’s 21 years old.  She is so completely in the middle of the “self-absorbed piece of shit” part of her life that it’s a wonder she cared enough to remember the incident.

Don’t be like Garfield. Don’t ever be like Garfield.

Not all 21 year-olds are like her.  We all know that.  But let’s keep in mind that science tells us this young lady isn’t done yet.  She’s still cooking.

She has time to become so much worse.

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