Friend a Day – Lolly Foy


I’ve don’t remember when I met Lolly.  We’ve both floated around the Renaissance festival circuit for a long time so it’s hard to pin down when we became acquainted.

I don’t want to say she was my favorite queen at the Minnesota Festival because I’ve liked them all for differing reasons.  I will say that I has as much fun with her as queen as I’ve had with any other actress in the role.

Most performers at the festival fall into a particular class of character.  I’ve always played a lower class character because that is what I enjoy.  Lolly has played royalty and peasantry with equal skill and that makes her an impressive rarity.

Her range is really remarkable.  She’s played the queen, she’s been part of successful music groups, she’s worked on the street, she’s written music, and I understand she’s even acted on the “legitimate” stage!  I don’t think she’s been a juggler but maybe that is a skill she keeps hidden.

Lolly has done some acting in a couple of my shows and I really appreciate her natural instincts for a role.  As a director, I really appreciate performers who get the material right away.  It means they are going to do a great job when they are on stage.

She is loud and cheerful and a great person to sit with at dinner.

She’s also very encouraging of the work of others.  When she believes you are doing something of merit, she’ll tell you in ways that help you understand what it is you are doing well.  So you can do it better.

I see a lot of Lolly in her two girls.  They are both outgoing and energetic and show a kind of passion for life that their mother has in abundance.

In fact, she’s passionate about everything.  She throws herself into everything she does and that makes everything she does that much more impressive.

The Renaissance Festival has brought a lot of people into my life whom I would have otherwise never met.  I’m so glad that Lolly is one of those people.

She doesn’t have a blog and she isn’t in a show right now so I can’t link to anything.  Go see the next show she’s in!


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