Friend a Day – Angie Anderson


Angie is someone I’ve known since High School.  I think that we met on a trip to French camp.  That’s what I remember anyway.  I know there was a trip to French camp. Angie probably remembers it correctly because she’s got a far better memory than I do.

She’s one of those relentlessly cheerful people who simply never lets life get her down.  The smile that is almost always on her face is not fake.  She really is that cheerful.

She is also chatty and makes friends as easily as anyone I know.  It only takes about five minutes for someone to be her new best friend.

When my kids were little, Angie was their day care mom.  Most of the time my wife and I were their second or third favorite adult but it was a pretty significant drop from the top spot to the actual parents.

She has a great way with kids and with playful adults.  I think that’s why she has worked so long in Connie’s Quantum Sandbox at CONvergence.  When ideas like Marco Polo or dodgeball come up, she always seems game to lead them.  She just seems to enjoy finding ways to get people to play.

I was talking to her this last weekend and she told me that she explained to her daughters that they would know when they were becoming teenagers because everything their parents said would sound stupid.  While that statement is, sadly, accurate of all teenagers, I hope it doesn’t come to pass because her daughters should know that their mom is definitely not stupid.

A little bit eccentric, sure.  But definitely not stupid.

Her eccentricity, though, is part of her charm.

She’s a great cook and has been for as long as I’ve known her.  I can remember going over to her house for dinner back when we were teenagers and she was cooking meals even then.

I think the friends you keep around you for the longest time are there for a reason.  Angie has a personality that makes me happy and when it comes to good reasons, that is the best of all.

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