Friend a Day – Guinevere Lazarchic


Back when I was doing a lot more hand drumming, I played for Guin at the Feast of Fantasy.  She has always been a graceful person and not just as a dancer.  Guin’s grace as a person extends far beyond her grace as a dancer.

She’s always exhibited endless positive energy.  She smiles all the time.  Her voice is kind and calm.  You always feel good being around Guin.

I’m also always impressed by her patience.  She seems capable of dealing with whatever challenges come her way in a calm fashion.  Life may catch her by surprise but the surprises don’t phase her.

Guin still dances at the Feast years after I’ve moved on to other things.  She has mentored many young dancers who have gone on to perform on their own.  Her talent is definitely rubbing off on a new generation.

I always liked working with Guin as a drummer because she understands that what we were doing was a kind of dialogue between dancer and drummer.  We all worked together to create the dance and if we weren’t in sync, the dance wouldn’t work.

I like seeing people who are so clearly in love with one another and you certainly see that in Guin and Mark.  There is an adoration that they share that makes you realize how fortunate they are to have found one another.  The best part of that equation is that I think they are both well aware of how lucky they are.

Guin does not have a forceful personality but there is a great deal of power to her even so.  She is kind and gracious and in being so, she is as strong as anyone who is loud and bossy.

I’ve been fortunate to know Guin for all these years and fortunate to work with her for some of them.  She has always been someone who made my day a little bit brighter.

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