Friend a Day – Duck Washington

Photo by Peter Verrant

Photo by Peter Verrant

I’ve gotten more involved with Duck as a collaborator in the last few years and greatly appreciate the eclectic array of talents that he brings to a project.

Duck can be an actor, writer, producer, and/or director when the situation calls for it and he can do all of those things exceptionally well.  He has a ton of creative and interesting ideas that differ from each other a great deal.  Most artists will produce a lot of work that follows a similar path.  Duck produces such a varied body of work, it is amazing.

He takes a very relaxed approach to just about any project.  His response to any challenge seems to be a simple belief that he can do whatever it takes.  I’ve never seen him stressed about a deadline.  Instead, he is always looking forward to the next challenge.

I think it is his love of the new challenges and his willingness to throw himself into anything new that comes along that makes him so good at it all.  He has a huge bag of tricks from which he can pull.

He also seems to love the work.  When he shows up to rehearse, you get the feeling that he is happy to be there.  He enjoys the process of creation, no matter what role he plays in that process.

As a person, Duck is laid back and pleasant.  He’s a remarkably good listener who will often spend a lot of time absorbing what someone has to say before adding his own voice to the conversation. He’s a person with whom conversation is never dull.

Duck and have been collaborating more and more frequently lately and that makes me happy.  When he becomes part of a project in which I’m involved, I know that it is going to be better than what I produce on my own.

I really enjoy the time I’ve spent with Duck over the last few years and always look forward to the next project.

Duck produces The Encyclopedia Show every month.  You should check it out!

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