Geeks Without God Talks Games

Geeks Without GodAndrew Hackard is Molly’s cousin.  He lives in Austin and sent in his five answers to our podcast many months ago.  He visits town on business every now and again and we’ve tried to have him as a guest a few times.

This trip, we finally managed to get him down to the basement studios for a podcast.

Hack (as he is known to his friends and I’m now calling myself a friend) works for Steve Jackson Games as their Munchkin Czar so naturally we didn’t talk about Munckin.

Rather, we talked about other games including slew of new games I played at Omega Spring.  I love talking about games almost as much as I love playing games.  Maybe more because when I talk about games, I’m not losing.

Hack also got to ask us five questions this week and that is always a lot of fun.

If you’d like to listen: here’s where to go!

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