Friend a Day – Molly Zupon


I first met Molly when she was a member of DeCantus.  When we would perform a show together at the end of the day, Molly was the most likely to banter with The Dregs and get in a way that was – I guess – “Dreglike.”

Then we had an opening in the band and Molly felt like the perfect fit for us.  I’m glad I’d seen that personality in her already because I found it a lot easier to envision how she would fit into the band.

When it comes to deadpan delivery, Molly is one of the best.  She spends almost every show looking like she has been forced to be a member of the worst band ever.  Then she’ll start doing a weird dance and smiling and it looks just a little bit creepy.  Which is the point.

I love to hang out with Molly because she and I have developed an entertaining banter that is unique among all of my friends.  I have no idea how or why I interact with Molly this way but it feels right.

She’s begun writing songs for the band now and I appreciate the voice she brings to our music.  The Dregs are all about six disparate voices joining together and it feels good that Molly’s voice is getting more distinct. She’s got a really good turn of phrase for lyrics and is very open to suggestion (if any are required and they usually aren’t).

Musically, her contributions have been great.  She a terrific violin player and keeps finding great ways to work her instrument into our songs.  She’s also got a great, trained voice that makes me just a little bit envious.

Molly is open with her emotions, which is something I’ve tried to emulate a little because I’m not.  When she talks about what is going on emotionally, it can often stop problem from getting worse.

I honestly can’t decide if I like her laugh or her horrified gasp more.  I guess that’s why I spend equal time trying to elicit both.

I’m so glad Molly became a member of The Dregs because I really enjoy spending time with her.

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