Shit That Pissed Me Off – 5/16

Student is Suspended for Exercising His Constitutional Right to Sit During the Pledge of Allegiance

I respect anyone who can resist the peer pressure to stand during the pledge.  This kid did that and the Supreme Court has ruled that he is within his right to do so.

The principal has decided the only recourse against this student is to violate the constitution by suspending him.

Lest someone say “Tim, you are an atheist so you obviously would be on this kid’s side” let me point out that this has nothing to do with religion.  Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t stand during the pledge.  They have just as much of a right to make that decision as an atheist kid.

Stand up! The symbol is more important than what it represents!

And by “right,” I mean an actual legal right that has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  If you want to sit during the pledge, that is your constitutional right.

You don’t get to suspend kids for refusing to stand during the pledge.  When you do that, you are violating the very ideals the pledge is supposed to be there for.

The principal of a school ought to appreciate the irony.

Man Tells Friend to Shoot at Him in Order to Test His Kevlar Vest

We all know where this is going, right?  The guy had his friend shoot him to test the vest and what did she do?  She missed.

He’s dead now.

Apparently, there was a group of ten people involved and you have to wonder about the sum total of stupid that resulted in a dead idiot.  Did no-one say “hey, this sounds like a really bad plan?”

At least this moron died secure in the knowledge that the second amendment gave him the right to be shot to death with his own gun.  I hope the NRA makes a poster.

Asshole Blogger Decides To Mansplain Cosplay

This was originally part of last week’s STPMO but I forgot to copy it into the final draft. It still pisses me off, though, so I’m bringing it back!

So the dude is trying to generate hits by telling a bunch of girls how they are doing cosplay wrong.  As if he has the slightest idea how to do it right.  I’ll note that he wrote it two years ago but if you leave your jackass thoughts lying all over the internet, you are likely to get burned by them eventually.

Because I used to be young, stupid, and horny, it took me a long time to realize the simple truth that none of these girls are dressing up for you, asshole.

Unless she is your girlfriend and asked you what she should wear to turn you on, she is doing it for herself.

Not dressed like this for you. Get over it.

If she is overweight or underweight or overdressed or underdressed that is her choice.  As long as she is following dress code, you don’t get to judge her for what she chose to wear at a con.  If you are going to judge her anyway, have the good sense to keep that judgment to yourself.

I see enough doughboy men traipsing around conventions in spandex but no dance belt.  I’ll admit that I think it’s a gutsy choice but hey, if that is how they want to enjoy the convention, let ’em enjoy the convention!

If you don’t want to see people cosplaying the “wrong way,” the best advice I can give you is to stay home.  It will improve the convention experience for the rest of us.

Michael Sam Kisses His Boyfriend After Becoming The First Openly Gay Football Player To Be Drafted. The Internet Explodes

I don’t think we are truly past homophobia in this country until Twitter remains calm and controlled after two guys kiss each other on national TV.

Other players kiss their wives and girlfriends but Sam was supposed to contain his emotions for the precious psyches of people who hate (yes – hate) gay people?

Now Derrick Ward made some awful comments on Twitter and says he’s received death threats.  That isn’t OK.  The way to people’s hearts is not through threatening their children.  That’s just crappy.

But I’ve watched videos from people whose argument is, basically, that they shouldn’t have to watch that sort of thing on television if they don’t want to.  As if two guys kissing is rated X behavior and somehow worse than showing victims of rape and murder on CSI.

Young Woman Gets Kicked Out of Homeschooling Prom For Being Too Provocative

I’m serious, guys, when are we going to start calling bullshit on this sort of attitude?  Yes, this shames women but it also makes men feel like they are incapable of controlling their baser instincts.

Guys can’t even be trusted to look at a girl dancing without thinking “impure thoughts!”

These are teenagers.  They can’t be trusted to look at a paint brush without thinking impure thoughts.

Aw man! I gotta change my underwear!

Of course, the complaints apparently came from the fathers who were acting a chaperones so it would seem that the teenagers weren’t the problem now, were they?

NBC Has Cancelled Community


Given the show never generated the greatest ratings, I shouldn’t be surprised that a sixth season was not in the cards.  And I’m not.

But I can still be upset about it because the worst season of Community is better than the best season of at least half of the other shows on television.

I will not set fire to the NBC studios over this depressing  news.  Instead, I will silently weep while obsessively refreshing Hulu in hopes it is all some sort of terrible hoax.


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