Friend a Day – Jenni Klumpp


I’ve known Jenni since she and Perrin began dating back in the early years of CONvergence.  Since then, we’ve vacationed together several times and I really enjoy her company.

Jenni is very proud of being a librarian.  She has worked very hard to make that her career and she takes it very seriously. Her work is important to her and it should be because librarians are awesome.

She is very socially conscious and is one of the people I listen to when I’m trying to form an opinion on a subject.  She has usually done a lot more reading on the topic than I.

Having vacationed with her and Perrin so many times, I find we have a very easy relationship as traveling companions.  We don’t rely on each other and make our own daily plans but there are certain things we all like and try to make sure we do together.  Like trivia contests.

We kill at trivia contests.

At dinner, we all get together and tell stories about our day.  Jenni always has the best stories about what other people have been doing.  I think it’s because she’s a very observant person.  She just notices things.  Then she is kind enough to share what she has noticed with the rest of us.

Jenni has a great playful nature that makes her fun to be around.  She has a good sense of humor and always has something interesting to talk about.

She’s got a strong social conscience and is always paying attention to issues that I also believe to be important.  When she posts something, I’m always going to take the time to read it.  I think what is important to me is that she does her research before posting.

I may have met Jenni because of who she happened to be dating but I’m very glad that I’ve had the time to get to know her over the last several years.  She’s one of my favorite people.

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