Friend a Day – Claire Alexander


I’ve known Claire ever since she showed up to interpret a Vilification Tennis show at CONvergence.  Actually, I’ve known her longer than that but I didn’t really know her until that evening.

While I’m not her primary clientele, everything I know about Claire tells me that she is very good at what she does.  She is passionate about doing her job as an interpreter and she does it in an entertaining and engaging way.  When she is doing a comedy show (as she typically is when I’m involved), she understands that she needs to be as much of a comedian as the performers on the stage.

I find her naturally easy to talk to.  We often end up as “Fringe Buddies” in years where I’m spending a lot of time watching/being in fringe shows.  The walks between the shows are as pleasant as the shows themselves.  Because it is the Fringe, some of the walks are far more pleasant than the shows themselves.

She tells stories about her life that are truly fascinating.  She should write a show about her life as an interpreter.  It would be a bit ironic, I think, that someone else would end up interpreting the show.

Claire seems to squeeze joy out of life.  I rarely see her spend time being down nor do I ever hear about times when she is down.  She just loves the hell out of being and that makes her one of the best people to see when you are down.  You can’t stay down when she is around.  It takes too much effort.

The amount of energy she has is staggering.  I’ve never seen her exhausted although it has to happen at some point, right?

Having Claire around is something happened by accident but it sure was a great accident.  I always look forward to being her Fringe Buddy.

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