Friend a Day – Brian Murphy

Photo by Ryan Haro

Photo by Ryan Haro

I’ve known Brian for almost the entire time I’ve been at the Renaissance Festival.  In that time I’ve played three characters.  I played two of them well.

I can’t even count how many characters Brian has played.

Playing a bunch of different characters isn’t an indication of talent in itself but with Brian, I’m simply trying to indicate that he is remarkably versatile.  He changes things around.  He tries new things.  He enjoys something for a while and then decides it is time to try something else.

No matter what he tries, he does it well.

Brian has always been a poet and many of us have had the opportunity to listen to sonnets and other poems he has written.  His ability to write good poetry is, I think, tied to his love of language.  That also seems to be the reason he’s found so much joy in being a part of the riddle booth these last few years.

Writing a good riddle is all about creative use of language and that is something for which Brian has always had a passion.

When you meet Brian outside of festival, he is typically very quiet and thoughtful.  I would wonder if it surprises people who have met him socially when they see him belting out a speech as Shakespeare on the last day of the festival.  When Brian wants to be heard, he can definitely be heard.

Back when we were both on the production staff for the Festival, I remember that he and I disagreed once or twice.  It was never major but what I remember is how respectful he was when he argued a point.  He argued his point and he never attacked the person.  He always treats others with respect, even when he disagrees with them.

A few years ago, he received the Lee Walker award, which was most deserved.  When I congratulated him later, he admitted that it was an award that he really hoped he would receive.  It was an honest moment that made me very happy that moment had come.

I’m very happy to have known Brian all these years.  I’ve learned a great deal from him and for that I will always be grateful.

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