Friend a Day – Amy Stomberg

Photo by Bill Nault

Photo by Bill Nault

I’ve known Amy since she started dating Jeremy back a number of years ago that I can’t remember.  She also started working on CONverence around the same time.

Amy is another friend who always seems to be smiling.  She always seems to be in a good mood.  Since I typically only see her in social situations, I would like to think it is because she enjoys being around other people.

Amy skates with the Minnesota Roller Girls.  That is a big part of who she is right now.  What I respect is how much perseverance it took to get her there.

She tried out for the Roller Girls several years in a row and didn’t make it because she wasn’t picked by a team.  So she became a referee and she kept working at it.  It was important to her and she wasn’t going to give it up because of what amounted to bad luck and not a lack of ability.

A lot of people would have given up but she didn’t.  That takes a lot of conviction and confidence in yourself.

I’ve found Amy to be very thoughtful about a lot of issues.  She’s been vocal about vaccinations, which is something that is very important to me.

When she came to work for CONvergence, the advertising department was in pretty bad shape.  She did a great job getting it organized and functioning properly.  It was never something anyone really focused any time on fixing so she was someone who made a big difference in the getting the convention organized in the early years.

People come into our lives in different ways.  That’s part of what this friend a day project is all about.  I’m glad that Amy found her way into my life.  She’s a great person to know.

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