Friend a Day – Karl Anderson


Karl is my oldest friend.  We’ve known each other since we were in grade school and while we have drifted in an out of each other’s lives, we have never drifted too far.

When I moved out on my own, he was my first roommate.  He was the first person I called when I learned my dad had died. He was the best man at my wedding.  I introduced him to his wife.  At least I think I did.  I’m going to take credit for it.

There is something about Karl that is comforting.  As everything around us changes, he always feels at least a little bit the same.  He gets older, sure.  So do we all.  But his personality has remained just about the same.

He’s quiet and mostly private.  He would prefer to spend the majority of his time in front of the computer or with his family.  In front of the computer.  Yet every now and again there is an unmistakable twinkle that betrays a dry, sharp, and (to some) surprising sense of humor.

When we were growing up, I was always impressed by his artistic skill.  I’d always hoped that he would become a cartoonist because he has a real knack for it.  Webcomics are out there so maybe someday soon he’ll give it a try.

These days, Karl and I see each other mostly at Omegacon and CONvergence.  At Omegacon, he’s one of the folks I try to make time to game with.  He’s sharp, quick to pick up rules to new games, and he is always up for something he hasn’t played before.

We’ve shared a lot over the years and while we haven’t always lived in the same home or had a lot of time to spend with one another, he’s one of those people whom I’ve always been grateful to know.


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