Friend a Day – Bill Stiteler


Photo by Peter Verrant

Bill is another connection made through CONvergence. I feel like I should have known him sooner than that since we both know most of the same people.

Almost every time we see each other, Bill tells me about some horrible movie that I need to watch.  I end up watching far fewer of his suggestions than I should which is too bad because they are all worth the time.  Too many movies, too little time, I guess.

When it comes to obscure trivia about all manner of 80’s popular culture, Bill is probably the best source I’ve ever met.  He knows more obscure facts about just about any 80’s television show than I know about all of them.  It is truly amazing.

He takes all this knowledge and can turn it into some of the funniest writing I’ve seen.  That he is able to mix obscure pop culture references with comedy that will appeal to everyone is something I admire because it is something I try to do in my own writing.

Bill (along with Melissa Kaercher) also produces one of my favorite shows in the Twin Cities, Powerpoint Karaoke.  I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve gone to a show because he can get such a diverse array of talented people and because the slides he and Melissa produce are so inventive and silly.

He has a sarcastic wit that is always active and always sharp.  It surprises me how quickly he can come up with the best angle on just about anything.  I don’t think it is ever in an attempt to impress anyone with his cleverness.  Rather I think it is because he is simply that clever.

I like spending time with Bill because I know that I’ll always end up laughing and I’ll also probably end up learning something.  He is a wealth of information and he is always willing to share.

I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to work with Bill over the years and I always look forward to what he will do next.

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