Shit That Pissed Me Off – 6/13

George Will Is Unsurprisingly Tone Deaf When It Comes To Rape

Nobody expected anything less from Mr. Will, right?  When he writes about rape on college campuses, he’s not going to come off as particularly sympathetic to the victims, right?

Well, he sure doesn’t.  He gives an example of a rape story he thinks is a false accusation and when I read it, I see an example of a young woman being raped.

I know, I know. I say “tomato” and George Will says “tomato.”  I say “rape” and George Will says “Sexual Misunderstanding.”

Why is rape insensitivity primarily a conservative trait?  Is it just that conservatives are dumb enough to say it out loud?  They always seem to be trying to find some way to ignore rape statistics.  Will doesn’t believe the numbers so he goes through an analysis of one set of numbers to prove that they all must be wrong.

He’s a smart guy, right?  He knows that the single set of numbers he’s using don’t actually constitute and kind of proof, right?

I don’t think he cares.  He was looking to torpedo the Obama administration because he’s a conservative columnist and that’s what he’s paid to do.  What he managed to do was tell every rape victim on college campuses that what happened to them isn’t so bad.

BTW, I don’t think most conservatives are rape apologists. They need to be telling the conservatives stepping up to the microphone to stop because I don’t think George Will is going to listen to me.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Denys Radiation Treatment as not Medically Necessary

Here’s what is wrong with our health care system and, unfortunately, Obamacare will not fix it.

Insurance companies deny claims for radiation treatment for a patient with inoperable cancer?  How does that even make sense?

It makes sense when you remember that the last thing any insurance company wants to do is pay out money.  So they reject claims left and right.  They reject claims that they know they should accept, just to see if the patient will appeal.  Or the doctor.

If nobody appeals, the insurance company doesn’t pay out. And that is what they want.  That’s why it is a hell of a lot easier to sign up for insurance than it is to file a claim.

It isn’t sinister.  It’s business.  Business is concerned with the financial ramifications of any decision.  The human part of the equation isn’t relevant.

Eventually, this cancer victim will get her radiation treatment covered by insurance because one assumes that “medical necessity” includes things that are designed to keep a patient from dying.  But why add stress to someone who is already suffering from more than most of us could even imagine?

Why not just pay for the fucking treatment the first time?

Oh, that’s right.  Because the ultimate goal of any insurance company is the exact opposite of what they claim to exist to do.

The Twin Cities Are Bending Over And Taking The Whole of the NFL Up Our Butts

Am I surprised at the laundry list of things the NFL asks for in exchange for hosting a Super Bowl?  Not even a little bit.

The NFL is the most powerful sports organization in the world.  You want the biggest game of the year, you are going to pay handsomely for it.  Maybe you’ll make a few bucks in return.  But that isn’t their problem.

But understand this about our system of wealth: once you have enough money, you don’t have to spend it any more.

If you own an NFL team, this constitutes petty cash.

The more money you make, the more shit people give you for free.

Get your team to the Super Bowl?  The host city pays for the hotel rooms that will house your team.

Want a new Lexus?  Make a sponsorship deal with them.  Your company pays for the deal but you get to drive the car.

The NFL has crazy amounts of money flowing through the bank accounts of the owners.  They pay their players, sure.  But make no mistake, at the end of the day, they all have more than enough money to pay for their own fucking stadiums and hotel rooms and limousine rides from the airport.

But they don’t have to.

I’m not anti wealth.  I’m just saying that any wealthy person who tells you they’ve got it tough is full of shit.

In a Completely Unexpected Twist, a Creationist Jumps to the Wrong Conclusion

This guy asks the obvious question: If evolution is true, is rape wrong?


Because evolution is true and rape is wrong.

His question comes from the assumption that evolution negates morality.  Evolution is neither moral or immoral.  It just is.

Morality is something entirely different.

Now if this guy needs to believe in creationism so he won’t rape women, he should believe in creationism. Thing is, I don’t think it’s his faith that keeps him from raping people.

I think it’s the simple knowledge that raping someone is wrong.  Regardless of whether or not that person is part of a species that evolved from another life form that has since gone extinct.

Maybe he should move on to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Oklahoma Candidate for House of Representatives Advocates for Putting Homosexuals to Death

Look, I know that this guy is a fringe Republican and even if he goes to Congress, he doesn’t have a chance of getting anyone to agree with him when it comes to putting homosexuals to death.  So why do I care about his admission that he thinks it would be the right thing to do?

Because anyone who says that should not be eligible for public office.

Nobody should vote for this guy.  Ever.  But he’s a Republican in Oklahoma and the R next to his name will get him elected if he has the party nomination.

There’s no “D” in Oklahoma!

There are political issues where me and my conservative friends disagree and that’s fine.  I don’t have a problem with that.

Then there are issues like this.  No, it is not OK to hand a death sentence to someone for engaging in sexual behavior your religion thinks is wrong.  Unless that sexual practice involves killing the person before you have sex with them.

If you believe differently, you shouldn’t be part of the political process.

I know that sounds extreme.  I’m just talking about taking a guy off of the ballot.  I’m not talking about stoning a guy to death because he has sex with other guys.

American’s Don’t want Their Kids to Marry Atheists

As one might expect, those who identify as Conservative are far more likely to be upset if their progeny choose to marry an atheist.

I’m not so pissed off at this survey or even the responses as I am with the consistent cry from the Christian right that they are suffering from discrimination.  Their persecution complex flies in the face of the facts.  When you have 9% of the public being upset if their child married a born again Christian and 49% upset if their kid married an atheist, you need to shut up about how much everyone hates you.

For the record, I would be pretty unhappy if one of my kids married a born again Christian.  Based on this poll, however, the other set of parents would be a lot more upset than me.


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