Friend a Day – Kae Caston


I’ve known Kae for years because she has been a patron at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  She’s the patron everyone loves because she loves everyone.

Kae finally got a digital camera a few years ago but before then, she would take hundreds of pictures of cast members every year.  Over the first few weekends of the new season, she would hand out huge bundles of pictures to each of us.  It was one of the most selfless and thoughtful acts that anyone had ever done and she did it because she wanted to give something back.

She attends the Feast of Fantasy several times a year but my schedule is such that I rarely see her there.  When I do, I always say hello.

The thing about Kae is she always has a smile on her face.  She loves watching us perform and she couldn’t hide it even if she wanted to.

When we put in all that time at the festival every year, it is people like Kae who make that time worthwhile.  You look at her smile and you know that you are doing something good.  You change at least that life every year.

The reasons for Kae’s love of the festival are a little sad but what is important is that she has turned that sadness into something that gives happiness to so many, including herself.  I don’t think it is really a new season until I’ve seen Kae.  She is one of the signs of fall.

I’ve got piles of pictures from Kae.  I don’t look at them very often.  I really should because they are a great reminder that for all the years I’ve been doing the festival, I’ve been doing it for people like Kae.  I’ve been doing it for those people who come to our show, rain or shine, and find joy in what we create.

There will always be audience members like Kae and I will always be grateful for them.

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