Shit that Pissed me Off – 6/27

Another Meme That Pissed Me Off

This one is about Global Warming:


Global warming picture

Problem is, there was more sea ice in 2013 compared to 2012, true.  But it was still far less than usual and it was, in fact, the sixth lowest amount of polar ice on record.

So look, if you, as someone with no scientific education whatsoever, are going to smugly post a meme about science, I would suggest you research the science first.  The Google search to find out the truth of this meme took me two minutes.

You also need to learn a bit about trends.

You see, one data point is just that.  One data point.  If you see a graph that shows sea ice is gradually getting smaller and then see a data point that shows in one year the ice coverage went up slightly, THAT IS NOT A TREND!!!!!

Holy shit why isn’t that obvious?  One data point is not a trend.  Ever.  There has never been a time in the history of data collection when one data point was a trend.

If you honestly want to argue with scientific consensus, use science.  Don’t use a data point.  Because that just makes you look stupid.

Town Votes to have Wrongfully Terminated Police Chief Reinstated, Mayor Gives Them a Gigantic Middle Finger

Honestly, I don’t know if she was wrongfully terminated, though it looks that way.  The former sheriff was an out lesbian and the mayor is a known homophobe.

He fired her.  Presumably for cause but there didn’t seem to be much cause.  Aside from the fact she was a lesbian.

So the town held a vote and took the job of hiring and firing the sheriff away from the Mayor and gave it to the City Council.  Victory for tolerance and competent people doing their job!

Having lost the vote, the mayor hired someone to be the sheriff in the brief period between the election and when the change would take effect.

We can all assume that if this asshole runs for re-election, he’s going to lose.  He knew what the town wanted and he decided that rather than do what they asked of him as their elected representative, he would tell them all where they could stick their constituency.

But hey, at least the town has a new sheriff.  I would laugh my ass off if the guy he hired turned out to be gay.

NRA Is Fighting For the Gun Rights of Domestic Abusers

I’m beginning to wonder if the NRA doesn’t want to start requiring everyone to carry a gun because they feel the second amendment actually requires gun ownership.

That isn’t really a joke because I know people who think that everyone should carry a gun.  Even people like me, who don’t fucking want one.

These are just a few of the many guns that I do not wish to own.

These are just a few of the many guns that I do not wish to own.

I would hope it doesn’t apply to people who are currently incarcerated but I’m not really sure.

Now if I’m being generous, I presume that the reason the NRA wants domestic abusers to have the right to carry a gun is because some small percentage of them are wrongfully accused.  Because they are innocent, they shouldn’t be punished with a lifetime ban on firearm possession.

I mean, it can’t be because they think someone with a history of domestic violence shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything when they decide to beat their wives, girlfriends, children or partners close to death.  If you do that kind of thing, you should be punished by the law, sure, but you should still be able to have a gun.

It’s stuff like this that leaves people like me, who are in complete support of responsible gun ownership with some limitations, unable to understand or sympathize with the pro-gun lobby.

If some asshole beats up his girlfriend, he shouldn’t be able to carry a gun.  Ever.  And not just because there are distressingly high odds that he will shoot her if she tries to leave.

Really it is just because doing that sort of thing should have consequences.  Not being able to carry a gun should be one of those consequences.

Correction/Clarification: This issue stems from the expansion of the definition of domestic abuse to include stalking and unmarried partners. It is already illegal for convicted domestic abusers to carry firearms (as stated in the linked article).

The Supreme Court Just Made it Easier to Harass Women Entering Abortion Clinics

I really shouldn’t use the term “abortion clinics” because these places typically provide many health services for women beyond abortions.

This was a unanimous decision and that really bothers me because it means as a point of law, they probably got it right.

So let’s assume they got it right.  That should mean that the protest free zone around the Supreme court building is restricting free speech as well.  They should immediately eliminate that zone because it is unconstitutional.  Think the justices will do that?

Let’s also observe that the super conservative block of the court didn’t feel the ruling went far enough.  They think that protestors should be able to go straight up to women entering abortion clinics so they can exercise their right to free speech by calling those women sluts, whores, murderers, and any other nasty names the bible tells them they can use.

This ruling is not a victory for free speech.  It is a ruling that makes it harder for vulnerable citizens of this country to do something that is, at least for right now, legal.

Mormon Missionaries Planted a Flag in a Protected Wilderness

They didn’t just erect a makeshift flagpole on the top of a mountain, mind you.  They anchored it with cement.

This was not some sort of last minute foolish prank.  It was premeditated.  You don’t climb a mountain with a backpack full of cement unless you intend to use it.

You want to carry what into the backcountry?

You want to carry what into the backcountry?

The good news is these followers of Christ signed their names to their installation.  So they not only didn’t care if they broke the law, they wanted everyone to know who did it. Including the prosecutor.

I’d respect the determination it took to do this stupid thing if it wasn’t so completely stupid.  A can of spray paint would have been just as destructive and a hell of a lot easier to carry.

12-Year Old Goes to a Sleepover, Comes Home With a Tattoo

Here’s the thing, I’ve told my kids I don’t care if they get a tattoo.  They have to pay for it themselves and they have to be over 18.

Paying for it themselves is obvious.  My reasoning on over 18 is just trying to give them enough time to really think about what they would like to put on their bodies for the rest of their lives.  It’s their body.  They can do it if they want.

I just want them to be sure before they get Twilight Sparkle tattooed on their arm.  They might not be as into “My Little Pony” at 25.

However, if you are going to put a tattoo on a 12 year old, you really ought to ask the parents first, don’t you think?

Especially if it is a smiley face with the word “bitch” above it?

If I sent my kids on a sleepover and they came home with a tattoo (that wasn’t temporary), someone would be paying to have it removed.

Not that my kids are a problem.  They freak out when they touch something that might give them a sliver.





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