Friend a Day – Alicia LaMunion

Photo by Mike Lee

Photo by Mike Lee

I’ve known Alicia since she moved to Minnesota several years ago.  She became a large part of the local geek community as soon as she moved to town.

She has always been someone who has seemed very open and honest about everything.  I’m not sure if I know anyone less deceptive than Alicia.  I think she wouldn’t know how to be any other way.

When it comes to gardening, she is very talented and active.  She has helped us a little bit with the plants around our house and without her help, we’d have nothing but weeds.  I’m always impressed with people like Alicia who seem to have a natural knack with plants because I sure don’t have that knack.

Her interest in outdoor activities like fishing and boating is something she’s offered to pass on to our kids and I really appreciate that offer.  I don’t fish but if the boys want to learn, it is great to know that we have a friend who not only can teach them but actively wants to teach them.

Alicia has a very pleasant demeanor that makes me look forward to seeing her.  The pleasantry of asking you how you are doing never feels like just a pleasantry when it comes from her.  She seems genuinely interested in the answer.

We have a tendency to run in to Alicia and her husband Mike at a lot of local events like movie openings, presentations by Neil Degrasse Tyson, conventions, and it always seems strange that I wasn’t expecting to see them there.  They really embrace their interests and it is a big part of their identity.

I regret that some choices I’ve made lately have left less time for friends like Alicia.  I’m trying to make a few adjustments to fix that because it is important to make time for friends like her.


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