Friend a Day – Jen Scott

Jen Scott

Fringe week continues!

I don’t actually remember when or how I met Jen.  I’m including her in Fringe week primarily because she performed in my show Story Time: Time Bomb a few years go.

She doesn’t always perform at the Fringe.  I can only assume this is because she turns down the opportunity to perform.  If it is because nobody asks her, I need to make sure I ask her every year.

Jen has a personality I would describe as jolly.  I realize that personality trait is typically associated with men who wear red suits and live at the north pole but if you know Jen, I hope you know what I mean.  Whenever I see her, she is smiling and filled with energy.

As an improviser, she is quick-witted and oh so clever.  The improvisational nature of Story Time: Time Bomb was why I immediately wanted to get her involved.  I knew she would completely nail what we needed for the show.

And she did.

I don’t see Jen that often but I enjoy it when I do because she makes you feel interesting.  When you talk to her, she makes eye contact and smiles and nods and laughs.  I imagine that is one of the reasons she is so good at improvisation.  She is in the  moment and paying attention all the time.

When she’s in a show, she’s one of those actresses that I notice.  It isn’t just because I know her.  It is because she creates memorable moments and I want to make sure I don’t miss them.

Unfortunately, she is not in a show at this year’s Fringe festival.  If she was, that show would be on my must see list without question.

Jen’s an awesome person and I’m glad I know her.

She performs over at Huge a lot. Keep an eye out for her there.  You’ll be happy you did.

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