Friend a Day – Josh Carson


Fringe week stumbles on!

I’ve known Josh for about five years now.  He’s one of those personalities that is linked with the Fringe for me.  I can’t imagine Fringe Festival without Josh Carson.

You always know when Josh is in a room.  It isn’t just because he has a loud voice.  It’s because he is so animated.  He doesn’t ever seem to stand still for very long.

Because his writing is a lot like that, I have to assume that Josh’s outward personality is a reflection of his mind.  It just doesn’t stand still.

When I write a show, I’m frequently concerned that it is too short.  I’m never convinced I had enough to say.

Josh’s problem is the opposite.  He has so many jokes, he runs out of time to tell them all.  When I watch one of his shows, I’m almost afraid to laugh for fear of missing the next punchline.

Problem is, I can’t help but laugh because his jokes are too good.

I’m not going to lie.  I resent that a lot.

His shows are popular because he writes scripts that appeal to just about everyone.  I could (and should) bring my kids to his shows.  They wouldn’t get every joke but they would get a lot of them.

At fringe central, Josh’s table is one of most crowded and the loudest.  He’s got a personality that draws people to him.  And the people he attracts are a lot like him.

It is the nature of the Fringe that it brings together so many creative minds over a ten day orgy of artistry.  I’m naturally drawn to the comedians because I feel I understand them.

Or at least I want to understand them.

Josh is a perfect example of why I love the Fringe so much.  He and I might never have met had it not been for our mutual involvement in this big weird theater thing.  I’m a better person for knowing him because watching what he does and who he is makes me strive to be better in what I do.

Of course he has a show at the Fringe this year and of course I’m going to see it.  You should too.

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