Friend a Day – Anna Montgomery


I just have a few Friend a Day posts left so I’ve saved the last couple for friends I’ve known only a short time.

I met Anna because our sons are in a two kid scout troop.  We met the first night and she thought I looked familiar.  It turned out she was a big fan of Vilification Tennis and I’d actually pulled her up as an audience “volunteer” a few years prior.  Small world.

So while we aren’t the greatest scouting parents ever (due to mutually crazy schedules), we’ve been getting together on a regular basis to hold play dates in scout uniforms.  We’ve even gotten her involved in running Omegacon.  Score!

I’ve slowly learned a lot about Anna over the last couple of years, one scout night at a time.

She knows her way around the kitchen, as I’ve discovered when we have some sort of cooking project for the kids.  That would explain why she’s involved in consuite for Omegacon as well.  I imagine her creativity in the kitchen is why her kids will eat just about everything and mine will…not.

She’s also fluent in Spanish.  I’ve never learned any language except English so I’m always impressed when someone can speak more than one.

Not so long ago, I also learned she’s an artist.  She draws mostly as a hobby but there is a lot of talent there.

Anna is a very open person.  I learn a lot about what’s going on in her life every time I see her.  She’s always got great stories to tell about her work and her family.

I see her mostly for scout nights and a few school functions.  Our kids get along so there is a lot of unstructured time for the adults to hang out.

Nothing wrong with that because I really enjoy that unstructured adult time.

Life brings us new friends in all sorts of ways.  It is always a good idea to step back and appreciate those people and I really appreciate Anna.

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