Shit that Pissed me off – 8/8

Awful People Who Don’t Deserve Pets Are Abandoning Animals Because They Don’t Look Good In Pictures

All of my cats are humane society cats.  The hardest part of adopting a cat from the humane society is reading the reasons the cat is there.  One of my cats was abandoned when her owners moved.  They left her to starve to death. If I ever met the people who did that to her, I’d want to punch them in the face.

While the headline for this article is misleading, I’m still annoyed to learn there are a large number of black cats who aren’t being adopted because people are shallow.  You can’t find a good pet with a picture.  You have to meet the animal and see if their personality meshes with yours.

Fair is fair.  You have to send the cat your picture to see if he poops on it or not.

Fair is fair. You have to send the cat your picture to see if he poops on it or not.

The thing about people who abandon animals is they all have excuses.  Aside from allergies, though, most excuses come down to failure to take responsibility for the animal.  Pets are a responsibility and not a right.  You have to be prepared to scoop up their shit and feed them and pay attention to them.

If you didn’t know that before you picked the animal up, the animal that needs to be returned is you.

House Votes to Sue Obama Because Bullshit

Let me try to say this as calmly as possible.


OK.  I failed.  Sorry.

This bullshit lawsuit is because Republicans have a problem with Obama’s executive orders.  Never mind that these same Republicans would not be talking lawsuit if he was from the same party.  Nor can we point out that Obama has issued fewer executive orders than all but one of the last several Presidents.

So what does this set up?  The next time we have a Republican president and Democratic congress, the Democrats are likely to do the same bullshit thing!

Because idiocy.  And a  complete lack of creativity.

I’m ideologically aligned with the Democrats but I’m not deluded. I know how this game works.

And to all my Libertarian “we are better than those dudes” friends, let me say this: the day your party gains real power, they will engage in the same bullshit.  I know you want to believe your party will be different.  They won’t.

You can call it pessimism.  I call it realism.

Teacher Fired After Blogging About Homophones

I have no idea if this guy is the greatest teacher in the world but I know for certain that an English teacher should never be fired for writing about homophones.

It takes homophobia to new levels when you assume any word with HOMO in it is a reference to homosexuality.  What’s next, will students be prevented from using the word Homonym?  Or Homogeny?  Or Homo Run?

OK, I made that last one up.

What kind of fucked up trash was he trying to teach these students?

What kind of fucked up trash was he trying to teach these students?

The bigot and homophobe brigade loses a lot of ground when people get fired for talking about parts of speech.

I’m not going to claim I know Leviticus word for word but I’m confident there is nothing sinful in the use of the words bass and base.

Tourist Crashes a Drone into Grand Prismatic Spring

Oh you selfish prick.  You wanted that picture so bad, you flew your drone camera over a natural treasure and crashed it.

I’m sure you are upset because you lost your expensive camera equipment. I’m sure that sucks for you.  What sucks for everyone else is seeing your equipment slowly being dissolved by the acidity in the water.

Or maybe the camera is in a really deep part of the pool and it isn’t visible.  It just might be clogging where the water flows into the spring, slowly destroying it.

Of course, perhaps none of those things will happen.  Maybe you just lost your fucking camera and didn’t screw up the view for anyone else.  While you weep bitter tears and fail to understand what a jackass you were, I’m going to come up with a way to get your goddamned camera out of the spring so I can break it over your head.

Now, on a side note:


I want one so bad.

Restaurant in Stillwater Adds a Minimum Wage Fee to Their Bills

What an idiotic PR move.

Or maybe it isn’t. I guess conservatives are flocking to this restaurant in solidarity. Because screw poor people.  They are probably also tipping their servers less because, you know, they already get an extra quarter an hour.

No, this quarter isn't your tip.  It is to help offset the extra quarter your put-upon employer had to pay you for this hour!

No, this quarter isn’t your tip. It is to help offset the extra quarter your put-upon employer had to pay you for this hour!

The owner could have raised the cost of their soft drinks by a dime to easily recoup anything they have “lost” by being forced to help their employees pay rent.  They didn’t need to make a political statement on their checks.

But, of course, they wanted to make a political statement on their checks.  Raising prices would have been easy.

Being famous on the internet is hard.

A Bunch of Texas Republicans Sign on to an Amicus Brief Claiming Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead to Legalized Incest and Pedophilia

But they aren’t homophobes.  Or bigots.  Stop calling them names!

They just honestly believe that if gay couples are allowed to legally marry, it is only a matter of time until society accepts that non consensual sex between an adult and a minor is completely OK.

Because, I guess, people are fucking idiots.

I think that most of us understand that sex with a child is wrong and same-sex marriage is not going to change our minds. These folks appear to believe that is not the case.

They are afraid of the consequences of treating gay people like human beings without any evidence to suggest that consequence will take place.

But don’t call them homophobes.  Because that is just insulting.

OMG, The Facebook Messenger App! Amirite????

I don’t have any concerns about the privacy settings stuff because I have always operated with the philosophy that nothing on the internet is private.  It never has been.

What annoys me a little bit is an extra app on my phone when I didn’t really need one.  If it has more features, that’s great.  I don’t need the features.  Why can’t I just use the app I already had?


I don’t even know what all of these things do. Which one is the phone?

While I view Facebook as a necessary tool (and I enjoy using it), I am constantly annoyed by all the ways they try to make the experience “better” when it was fine the way it was.  Are they asking anyone about these changes or are they just making them to stay “fresh?”

But what really drives me nuts is all the angst over a free service.  Sure, Facebook has problems but guys, it didn’t cost you anything.

Yeah, they are making money by marketing shit to you that you don’t want.  You know who else does that?

Network television.

But seriously, Facebook, I didn’t need another app on my phone.

Church Refuses to Bury a Man Because He Was Gay

I thought God was supposed to judge.

I mean, the guy is dead.  At this point, it shouldn’t be about his life anyway.  God is sorting the afterlife shit out anyway, right?

So for the comfort of a grieving family, how about you put away the bigotry for an afternoon and just bury the guy?

Here’s a telling quote from the pastor:

I’m not trying to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the same time, I am a man of God, and I have to stand up for my principles

So refusing to hold a funeral service is not condemnation of the lifestyle of the deceased?  Really?  What is it, then?

And note how he says he’s a man of god but he has to stand up for his own principles.


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2 responses to “Shit that Pissed me off – 8/8”

  1. Footnotegirl says :

    We went to the animal humane society a couple of nights ago. They have rabbits there, and one of them had “Kids lost interest.” listed as the reason for giving it up. It was a year old. My blood pressure just shot right through the roof. So what your kids lost interest, it’s a PET it’s a RESPONSIBILITY, the kids still have to take care of it and will probably come to love it again and I.. I just.. ugh.
    Oh, suggestion for Shit that pissed me off next week, because it’s sure pissing me off right now, check out the #wheresgamora hash tag and things like this:
    Five rows… 4 characters.

    Five squares … 4 characters
    (and yes, it’s the boys shirt… there is no girls shirt for GotG.)
    Coffee mug, 4 characters, no Gamora… women don’t drink coffee, I guess? Perhaps there’s a delicate Gamora teacup somewhere?

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      That IS annoying. It was an ensemble film so why would you fail to include a member of the ensemble?

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