Shit that Pissed me off – 9/5

The Whole Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Thing

The problem is that there is a dialogue focused on whether or not Lawrence (and other celebrities) are to blame for the theft of their personal pictures.

Well let’s stop and think about this for a mom…NO!

I am writing this blog post on a laptop computer that is valuable.  Now you, the reader, know I have a laptop computer you could sell for money.  If you came over to my house, broke in and stole my computer would it be my fault because I made you aware that I owned it?

It looks a little bit like this

It looks a little bit like this

NO! That’s what we call theft!  There are all sorts of laws about that shit.

It is not my fault for owning a computer any more that it is Lawrence’s fault that she owned nude photographs of herself (if indeed those are photographs of her – which she denies).

Theft is a crime.  Owning things people want to steal is not.

Columbia Student Drags Mattress Around To Raise Awareness About Sexual Assault

This young woman was raped in her dorm room and, as is frequently the case in these situation, the University chose to believe her rapist when he claimed the act was consensual.

Never mind that he was accused of rape by two other students.

What is bothersome about this story is the fact that Columbia seems more concerned with the rapist than with the victim.  Do I know the entire story?


When you have three different people accusing the guy of the same behavior, though, it seems to me that the primary aim should be to get that toxic individual off of the campus.

Two Men Freed after Serving 30 Years for a Crime They Didn’t Commit

One of them was held up by Justice Antonin Scalia as a perfect example of why the death penalty was just.  Had he been put to death because of a coerced confession and a refusal of law enforcement to investigate the actual perpetrator of the crime, would his death have been considered murder?  Or just a “tragic accident.”

The death penalty is never an accident, right?  Every time the state schedules an execution, it is deliberate.

Oops! That convicted criminal just sort of fell into the noose!

Oops! That convicted criminal just sort of fell into the noose! How’d that happen????

Somehow, these two guys managed to survive 30 years in spite of a death sentence neither of them deserved.

In my mind, the people who engaged in shoddy detective work are guilty of attempted murder.  Or maybe it is our entire country that is guilty.

Catholic League President Concerned Gays Won’t Keep Their Pants on in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Bill Donahue is concerned that the gays will turn the annual St. Patrick’s day parade in Chicago into some sort of wild, drunken, party instead of a respectful memorial to the man who (allegedly) drove snakes out of Ireland.

Well, a wild, drunken party with gay people.

This same guy tried to prove a point by applying to march in the Chicago Gay Pride parade.  He assumed he would be turned down.

Instead, he was accepted and only chose not to march because he was too chickenshit because he was asked to go through a training session and he doesn’t do training sessions.

His assertion seems to be that gay people will drop their pants and wank off in public given any opportunity.  It makes me wonder why they would wait for a parade.  Wouldn’t they do it all the time?

Airman Denied Reinlistment Because He Wouldn’t Say “So Help Me God”

I can hear it now.  “Oh, this must bother you because you are an atheist.”

Nope.  It bothers me because there shouldn’t be a religious test for serving your country. Ever.

If the Airman in question had gone ahead and said “so help me god,” he would have been lying.  So we apparently don’t value honesty when it comes to military service.  We value commitment to god.  Or at least we value pretending you are committed to god.

And when I say "god," I dad. Because he's pretty awesome.

And when I say “god,” I mean…um….my dad. Because he’s pretty awesome.

Thing is, airmen used to be able to opt out of saying this phrase when they recited their oath.  In 2013, the code was changed so as to make “so help me God” a requirement.  Changing it back requires an act of Congress.

And we all know how likely it is that most members of Congress will vote to change that part of the code again.

Most airmen are, I’m sure, happy to say the phrase.  Do we really want to have a military where those who don’t feel comfortable saying that phrase aren’t welcome?

Measles is at a Twenty Year High

You hear that everyone? We did it!  We brought Measles back from the brink!

That would be awesome if Measles was an endangered species.  If we were poaching Measles for the aphrodisiac properties of their horns like we are doing with Rhinos, I’d be thrilled that Measles is staging a dramatic comeback.

But Measles is actually a potentially deadly disease that people are getting because of the anti-vaccination movement.

When I was a kid, people had to explain these diseases to me because nobody ever contracted them.  I had no idea what they were and I was just glad I wouldn’t catch them because they sounded unpleasant.  If there had been a Chicken Pox vaccine at the time, I would have greatly preferred that to getting the Chicken Pox.

So to all the “I’m not going to vaccinate my child because autism/toxins/bullshit science” people out there, thanks a lot.

Why don’t you work to do something about the Tiger population in Asia?  That seems like a form of life in far greater need of your attention.


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  1. ronn says :

    Thanks for covering my rage for me. This saves me so much time and allows me more freedom to fight with people on the internet!

    As sarcastic as that may come across, this was another spot-on highlight reel.

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