Shit that Pissed me off – 9/12

Ray Rice and the NFL

Even if you don’t follow sports, you probably know about the video that shows Ray Rice hitting his then fiancée and knocking her unconscious.  Lots of people have offered their opinion, including Keith Olbermann, John Stewart, and Peter King.

What is messed up is the idea that the NFL, which is one of the most powerful corporate entities in the world, somehow didn’t get a copy of the video first.  I don’t even understand how that is possible.  Admitting such a thing means they are either lying or they didn’t really give a shit about what was on the video.

If they gave a shit about what happened to Janay Rice, they wouldn’t have interviewed her about the incident while she was sitting next to the man who had hit her.

If they understood anything about the mental state of an abuse victim, they would have recognized the behavior of someone who has probably been struck more than once.  They would have interviewed her on her own, hopefully with a counselor present.  Not only didn’t they understand, they didn’t care.

Just forget about it and watch football, folks!  Nothing to see here!

Just forget about it and watch football, folks! Nothing to see here!

That’s the crux of all of this.  They don’t give a shit about the abuse.  They give a shit about their image.  So long as we didn’t have video showing the actual punch that knocked Janay Rice out, the NFL thought they could get away with a two game penalty because the public would be too focused on the game to think about domestic violence

The failure here was caused by a bunch of people who cared more about their business than anything else.  Keep that in mind as this situation continues to unfold.  Any decision they make will not be governed by what is best for Janay Rice.  Or even Ray Rice.

It will be governed by what is best for the NFL.

Stupid Kid Could Get Jail Time For Simulating a Blow Job With a Statue of Jesus

I only call him stupid because posing for a blow job picture with Jesus is hardly brilliant.  He’s a teenager, though.  His sense of humor will get more refined with age.

Unfortunately, he is being charged with desecration of a venerated object and could serve up to two years of jail time.

He probably won’t, you understand.  He’ll get a fine and some community service but I can’t see a judge putting a teenager in jail for two years because of a naughty picture.

I mean, the kid’s white.

Thing is, this is a victimless crime.  The statue isn’t a victim because it’s a statue.

Jesus isn’t a victim because he’s the son of god.  He’s doing all right, don’t you think?

So the only victims are the people who never imagined you could simulate a blow job with that statue.  And they are only victims if they looked at the picture on his Facebook page.

End result?  This kid could face harsher legal punishment than Ray Rice, who punched out his girlfriend.


Ed Sheeran’s Don’t

I don’t mind the song.  I think the verses are kind of white bread pseudo rap but I actually enjoy the chorus.  So it’s….OK.

It’s also been playing on the radio for a couple of months now.

Why, then, did they just start censoring it?  Now keep in mind, the first line of the chorus is “don’t fuck with my love” but the radio friendly version is “don’t (breath) with my love.”  It’s probably a radio edit made in the studio.  This latest edit, however, is new.

In the third verse, there is the following lyric:

But you didn’t need to take him to bed that’s all
And I never saw him as a threat
Until you disappeared with him to have sex of course

It’s been playing uncensored for weeks.  Then this morning I heard the song and they edited out the word “sex.”

Shitting me cat

What. The. Fuck?

Are parents concerned that their children will discover rock stars have sex?  What do these concerned parents think the rest of the song is about?

For that matter, what do they think 90% of all popular songs are about?

These people complaining are probably the same folks who didn’t have an issue with Loverboy’s “Use Your Love.”  Or, more likely, they had no idea what the song was about because it didn’t literally say “my girlfriend is out-of-town so I’d like to have a one night stand with you wherein we will have SEX!!!!!”

Palin Family Allegedly Involved in a Barroom Brawl

Seriously, who gives a shit about this family any more???

With all the actual important stuff that is happening in the world, my Facebook feed is filled up with the Palin family allegedly acting like a bunch of entitled douchebags?

Look, I dislike Palin as much as the next person who believes politics should be injected with some level of intelligence but we’ve reached the point where she is a historical footnote.

She can have an overinflated sense of her own importance without our help.

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