Shit That Pissed Me Off – 10/31

Rich Woman is Upset that Poor Children Might Be Trick-or-Treating in her Neighborhood

This letter to Dear Prudence has to be a joke, right?  I mean there probably are people who are this awful but most of them wouldn’t say it out loud, right?

Sadly, I expect this lady is real and she resents “poor” people coming to her house for the good candy.  And by “poor,” I expect she means middle class suburban folks and not a bunch of unwashed inner city kids who aren’t worthy to sell her kids a hamburger at McDonald’s.

Her good candy is for the rich little boys and girls!  Why is that so hard for the other 99% to understand?  If they get full-sized Kit-Kat bars on Halloween instead of the fun size that they deserve, they will start expecting rich people to provide them everything!  Isn’t it enough that they are job providers?


Get the fun sized candy bars, Howard! The poor kids are coming!

Holy shit, lady.  If you have to hand out an extra hundred candy bars, are you suddenly going to miss a Porsche payment?  Will your underprivileged children be unable to join you in Rome for Christmas?  If you have such a problem giving to people who make less than you, just turn off your light so the kids from the rich families that aren’t as rich as yours don’t come to your house either.

I wish this lady had included her home address so everyone could go to her house this Halloween.  We should all give her a fucking candy bar.  Only the fun size though.  We can’t afford the good stuff.

Homeopaths Are Working SUPER HARD to Cure Ebola!

Hey everyone – homeopaths are working on curing Ebola by looking for the “genus epidemicus!”  There are heroic people on the ground in Africa right now!

And you know what?  They might help since homeopathic remedies are basically water and if there’s one thing they need in Africa, it’s clean drinking water.

It scares me when they are calling their hard-working purveyors of bullshit “heroes.”  There is nothing heroic about working on a cure that isn’t going to cure anything.  With anti-vaxxers, there is at least one (completely discredited) study that supports their delusional point of view.

The only thing that homeopathy can cure is thirst.

This Article About Films Stupid People Think Are Clever

With a click bait title like that, I couldn’t help but want to take a look but I was also annoyed before I even read the article because the title immediately creates a conflict between the writer and reader.

Think the writer is wrong?  That’s because you’re stupid.  Too bad if you like Fight Club.  Every time you watch the film, you are just a moron completely unable to recognize trash.

This is what happens to these assholes every time they watch "The Matrix."  Because it is such a shitty movie.

This is what happens to these assholes every time they watch “The Matrix.” Because it is such a shitty movie.

I happen to love The Shawshank Redemption.  I’m not the only one but that isn’t even the point.  This article wants to shit on me (and a lot of other people) for liking something they don’t.  It isn’t enough to say “I don’t like The Shawshank Redemption,” it needs to that the pretentious extra step of saying “and you shouldn’t either.”

The only movies I hate that much are the Star Wars prequels.

Anti Vaxxers Are Putting Stickers on Halloween Candy

Oh for fuck’s sake.  Can you just leave it alone and give the kids a candy bar?  Do you need to turn it into an opportunity to peddle your completely messed up and constantly debunked opinions about a safe medical procedure?

You know what is more unhealthy for kids than vaccines?


 CNN Has a Column for Selfies of Week

Is this column just news throwing in the towel on doing anything original or useful?  Have they finally acknowledged that the purpose of all news networks is to entertain and not inform?

I’m sure it has been around for a while and I simply failed to notice.  It’s like CNN figures that they need to turn into Buzzfeed in order to get people to read their site.


They may not be wrong given the majority of their hard news articles are filled with the kind of research only an expert on Google searches could put together.

And as long as they are on Google, why not put together a few wacky selfies, right?

While they are at it, how about resurrecting Walter Cronkite as a Max Headroom style reporter?  I mean, if you don’t give a shit about reporting the news, why not embrace it?

Albuquerque Church Issues Sample Ballots With Candidate Names Highlighted

Churches are given tax exempt status but one thing they are not supposed to do is endorse political candidates or campaign from the pulpit.

This church does both.  Because fuck your laws, we know who god wants to win!

It is, sadly, a technique a lot of churches are starting to use because they want the law challenged in the Supreme Court.  They think this court will give them a decent chance of having existing law overturned so they can promote candidates from the pulpit any time they want.

What really makes me angry, though, is given the current composition of the court, they could well be right.


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