Omegacon Movie Room Schedule

omegamanSo if you are going to Omegacon this weekend, here is a sneak peek at the Movie room schedule.  Most people at Omegacon aren’t interested in watching movies all weekend and that’s cool.  But if you need a two-hour break from Settlers of Catan, here are some choices for you!

This year’s movie room theme is Toys and Games.  I have no idea why it took me so long to use the theme for the movie room.  It’s kind of perfect.

Friday, 4:00 PM – Bad Movie Theater – Battleship

Liam Neeson! Naval vessels! Aliens????  You know you want to see this movie as badly as I do.

Friday, 9:00 PM – Mystery Movie

I’ve left this slot open the last few years for the opportunity to show something unplanned.  I have a few ideas for movies that would work here but it usually gets filled with something that comes up at the last minute.  This movie probably won’t have anything to do with the theme but the theme is kind of just a bullshit concept that allows me to show a couple of movies I really like.

Friday, 11:30 PM – Late Night Cinema – Clue

Much as we all love this movie, we understand that it had no right being so good, right?  I mean the movie is based on a board game.  A board game!  Yet somehow it has the perfect cast and the perfect script and it is amazing.  I’ll admit this movie is the whole reason I came up with this year’s theme.

Saturday, 10:00 AM – Saturday Morning Cartoon – Wreck-It Ralph

Every time I watch this movie, I like it a little more than I did the time before.  That’s kind of remarkable.

Saturday, 1:00 PM (or so) – Road Trip – ????

They still have a theater in town!  We’ll watch something there.  I could be Interstellar.  It could be Big Hero 6.  I don’t know.  We’ll figure it out.

Saturday, 4:00 PM – Saturday Afternoon Cartoon – The Lego Movie

Sing with me! Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!  This movie is the other reason I decided to go with the theme.

Saturday, 11:30 PM – Late Night Movie – The Game

What?  The theme is Toys and Games and I’m showing a movie called The Game?  What a copout!  It’s also a clever movie that you should watch.  So there.

Sunday, 11:00 AM – New Release Theater – Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat)

The odds are good you skipped this movie in the theater.  Maybe it was Tom Cruise.  Maybe it was the trailers that under sold the film.  Maybe it’s the fact they inexplicably changed the name of the film when they released it on DVD and online viewing platforms. Maybe you just had no idea it even existed.  Now is your chance to correct your mistake!

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