Shit that Pissed me Off – 1/9/15

I Watched Far Too Much of a Debate Between Chris Kluwe and GamerGate Supporter

I admit I didn’t watch the whole thing because at some point it was just embarrassing.  I was watching Rocky beat the crap out of Gilligan.

If Gilligan were a misogynistic asshole.  So let’s just say I don’t feel sorry for Gilligan.

For one thing, Gilligan never really rocked that hat.

For one thing, Gilligan never really rocked that hat.

Why Kluwe decided to devote 90 minutes to this guy and his legion of whiny jackasses, who honestly believe that if they click their heels together while saying “ethics in game journalism” enough times they can make it true, is a question only he can answer.

I would hope it isn’t because he thought he could get through to this guy, who seemed more interested in improper definitions of the word “cult” than he was in making a cogent point.  If he was doing it to help make this guy look like more of an idiot, his mission was accomplished.


Aw fuck.  I looked at the comments.  Fuck this.

Moronic Lawmaker Tells Local Newspaper They Have No Right to Print His Name

Listen up, asshole.  If you don’t want the newspaper to print your name, you probably shouldn’t have run for public office.  Having the newspaper write about you is part of the gig.  Odds are they are going to use your name when they do so.

Kirby Delauter – that’s his name – later apologized for failing to recognize freedom of the press.  I presume this was after some higher ranking member of his party called and said “you are being a complete dickhole.”

The Catholic League Engages in a Classic Bit of Victim Blaming in the Wake of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League wrote a piece in which he condemned the violence while also saying it the people who got killed sort of had it coming.

Here’s my favorite bit:

Stephane Charbonnier, the paper’s publisher, was killed today in the slaughter. It is too bad that he didn’t understand the role he played in his tragic death.

Actually, Bill, he probably did understand the role he played.  He understood that the laws of Muslims (or Catholics or Hindus) did not apply to him.  He also understood that at least a few of the people who had threatened him with death were serious.  When gunmen showed up shouting “Allah Akbar,” I’ll bet Stephane knew exactly why they were there.

I'm sure he assumed it was because they didn't like the mints he had in the lobby.

I’m sure he assumed it was because they didn’t like the mints  in the lobby. The mints that LOOKED LIKE MOHAMMED!

It would appear that Bill thinks the lesson we should take from this tragic event is “hey – you can totally make fun of religious figures a little bit but if you go overboard and somebody shoots you well – that’s on you.”

Bullshit, Bill.  It’s on the guy who fired the gun.

Steve Harvey Calls Atheists Idiots

Hey speaking of protected speech, it’s totally OK for a game show host to call atheists idiots and say they don’t have a “moral barometer” without facing any major consequences.  There is no group of atheist commandos getting ready to knock down his door.  Nor should there be.

He also used the classic, and dumb, argument that we couldn’t have evolved from monkeys because if we had, there wouldn’t be any monkeys.  It’s like creationists say that stupid line, get countered with the accurate response, and immediately dismiss that response because it gets in the way of a pithy statement.

Why be right when you can be clever?

I don’t know that I’m angry at Harvey so much as disappointed. He is a public facing figure who speaks from a position of willful ignorance.  Then again, he is by no means alone in that regard.

Foster Mom Willing to give up a Child Rather Than Get Herself Vaccinated

I’m not sure I agree with a law requiring the flu shot if only because the flu shot does nothing to counter the current nasty strain that is going around.

Then again, the nurse with the needle looks so friendly....

Then again, the nurse with the needle looks so friendly….

But the reasoning this lady uses regarding mercury in the vaccine is so completely wrong, it makes me question why she should be a foster parent.  I’m sure she provides a loving home but if she doesn’t even understand that mercury in vaccines is dangerous in the same way that the chlorine in table salt is dangerous, one wonders what other stupid things she is doing to “protect” the kids that are in her care.

New Congress Introduces a Host of Abortion Bans on Their First Day

I find it ironic that a party so strongly in favor of states’ rights is so committed to ignoring those rights when it comes to abortion.

In my opinion, what they are really doing has nothing to do with banning abortion.  The odds are good that it won’t get out of the Senate because Republicans don’t have a super majority.  Even if it did get out of the senate, the President would veto the bill.

So what is it about?  It is about giving lawmakers the opportunity to vote against abortion as a campaign issue.  “Look at how many times I voted against abortion” they will say.

Even if they genuinely feel abortion is wrong and we should return to the days of back alley medical procedures, these bills aren’t about the lives of the unborn.  They are about the campaigns of the already elected.

Victim Blaming in Measles Outbreak at Disneyland

More anti vaccination nonsense resulted in at least nine cases of measles at Disneyland.  Two of those cases were children who were too young to receive the vaccine.

In the wake of this problem, the natural response is to blame the parents who brought their child to Disneyland, right?  Because only a monster of a parent would want to leave their home with a child and take them – well – anywhere with other people.  Good parents understand that they should keep their child in quarantine until they are at least four.

I mean, Disneyland is pretty busy but the so is a supermarket.

It's filled with DISEASE! And gluten.

It’s filled with DISEASE! And gluten.

And what if you are an adult who is immunodeficient?  Should you stay home as well?  I mean, it isn’t the fault of anyone else if you contract a disease that was supposed to have been eradicated, right?

If your child isn’t vaccinated, they are at an elevated risk.  Everyone should be aware of that.

That doesn’t mean a parent deserves ridicule for allowing a child out of the home before they’ve had their first round of shots to prevent a disease nobody is supposed to have.

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