Shit that Pissed me off – 2/6

A Totally Insane Video By a Gamergater

Brianna Wu is a frequent target of Gamergate supporters because she, rightly, thinks they are idiots. They have countered with death threats because that’s proven to be the most effective way to fight for ethics in game journalism.

This kook had an accident because he was driving too fast in slippery conditions.  Somehow, he seems to think that Wu had something to do with the fact that he can’t drive and has decided that she tried to kill him.

That's right - all ice storms are plots to kill members of Gamergate

That’s right – all ice storms are plots to kill members of Gamergate

Because he seems like a really important guy.  The kind of guy who it would be important to kill by magically summoning up an ice storm and making him forget how to drive.

Or maybe Wu was his driving instructor and she did a really shitty job.

This video is made by a crazy person and the only thing that bothers me more than the crazy person is the ones that take him seriously.

I Really Don’t Want Mike Huckabee to be President

The dude is so far to the right, I have a hard time thinking he’ll get anywhere in the primaries, which is a relief.

But I’m getting tired of his “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy” book tour.  Every time he talks to someone, he plays the down home dude who just wants the people in the urban “bubbles” to understand that we think differently than “his” people.  The people in the land of God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.  Which seems to be everyone who doesn’t live in New York and Hollywood.

Those people aren’t better, he insists.  Just different. Given his politics, though, it feels a lot like he feels those people are better.

Then he says that we can’t change Christians’ views on same-sex marriage because Christians have believed the same thing for 2000 years.

Really, Mike?

I mean let’s ignore the fact that not all Christians actually agree with him on same-sex marriage and ask if Christians in the south have really thought the same thing about – I don’t know – slavery for the last 2000 years?

Christianity has changed a lot in 2000 years, Mike. Seems to me there is room for it to change a little bit more.

3-Year-Old Boy Shoots His Parents

The wounds aren’t fatal, fortunately.

I guess I understand that carrying a gun in your purse isn’t really for self defense unless you keep it loaded.  If you have children, however, you ought to figure out a way to keep them from picking it up, don’t you think?  I just can’t believe it is the first time this three-year-old has gone for Mommy’s purse.

If I owned a gun, I'd hide it in some vegetables.  Because my kids wouldn't go near the thing.

If I owned a gun, I’d hide it in some vegetables. Because my kids wouldn’t go near the thing.

Now I know that I can’t take this one isolated incident and turn it into some big “guns are always bad” post.  Hell, I don’t even believe guns are always bad.

I just believe that if everyone can have whatever guns they want and carry them wherever they want, there is a very good chance some stupid people are going to have guns.  I’d feel a lot more comfortable with the whole thing if there was a way to ensure those stupid people were nowhere near me.

Butthurt Guys Are Pissed off that the #LikeAGirl ad is Sexist

We knew this would happen, right?  A commercial pointing out that women have bad body image by the time they are ten years old is clearly just sticking it to men who….don’t have the same problem but wish they did, I guess?

There is something ridiculous about a bunch of guys getting pissed off that an ad for a feminine hygiene product isn’t targeted at them.

What is it about some men that they look at a commercial highlighting how women are stereotyped and all they can say is “guys are stereotyped, too!  You ladies don’t understand how hard us dudes have it.  Stop being so selfish!”

These same whiners would throw a fit if some condom company made a #LikeABoy ad because they would object to how the commercial stereotyped men as athletic.

The Republicans are Jumping in Bed with Anti-Vaxxers

This week Rand Paul claimed he’d heard of vaccinations leading to “profound mental disorders.”  I hope he didn’t mean autism because that claim is bullshit and he ought to be smart enough to know it.

While anti vaccination activists are typically far left, it would appear that the Republican party wants to turn it into a personal choice issue.  Oh sure, you should get vaccines.  It’s a good idea and everything.

But Government shouldn’t force you to do it.  If you choose not to get your kids vaccinated, the free virus market will eventually kill them off and the only people left will be the folks whose parents made sure they got the shots.

Kind of like vaccine zombies.  They just walk around trying to catch polio but they just can't

Kind of like vaccine zombies. They just walk around trying to catch polio but they just can’t

Sure, the free market might take out a few immunodeficient people on the way but that’s just a market adjustment.  You have to allow for those sorts of things.

This is all a cold calculation and has nothing to do with right or wrong.  Vaccination ought to be something on which both political parties agree.

But any opportunity to drive a wedge, right?  Even if you have to scare a few people into thinking their kids are more at risk of “severe mental disorders” than they are of Chicken Pox.

Robbie Faulks is Getting Roasted for Blasphemy on Prairie Home Companion

Turns out he sang a song in which he used the word “goddamn” and a lot of people are up in arms.

I’m glad it wasn’t me because I use that word all the goddamn time.

I mean I can almost understand a big ruckus in – say – the 1950’s but I’m a little surprised that we are talking about it in the 21st century.  When people are dying over blasphemy in other countries, maybe we should get our heads out of our goddamn asses and recognize that one stupid word isn’t so big a deal.

Billboard Shows Tremendously Misleading Statistic About Minneapolis Schools

Let’s just take a look at the billboard, shall we?


The numbers are actually bullshit but, just because I’m feeling generous, let’s pretend they are real.

That sounds like an awful lot per classroom so let’s break that down by student.  I’ m not sure if they are talking per class or per day but I’m going to guess it is per day.  That means we are spending $21,000 per kid per year.

Holy fuck!  That sounds…um…pretty reasonable actually.

I mean we have to take into account they are feeding the kids every day and the teachers should be paid something.  Also there are facility costs and maintenance costs.  We have to heat the buildings in winter.  We have to get the kids to school on buses. And yes, there are administration costs that parents of kids with special needs (like me) really appreciate.

Most teachers probably don’t see even one tenth of that bullshit $21,000 per kid.

But they fucking should.

So this billboard is basically telling me that teachers are underpaid but the Minneapolis Schools spend too much money so fuck teachers.

Senator Thom Tillis Thinks that Hand Washing Regulations are Killing Industry

To pander to the Libertarians, I think, the Republicans are talking a lot more about deregulation.

In what was (I think) supposed to be a thought experiment, Tillis pointed out that maybe we should just stop forcing people from washing their hands before working with food.  If the restaurant had to post that employees were not required to wash their hands before making your pizza, no doubt the market would eliminate those establishments, right?

Only problem with this proposal is you would eliminate a regulation meant to ensure some level of protection to the general public and replace it with a different regulation to make sure people know that you aren’t going to do that shit because PERSONAL FREEDOM!!!!

His thought experiment doesn’t eliminate regulation.  It just replaces one very reasonable regulation (because we know that germs spread disease) with a much more stupid one.

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