I Know What I’m Doing This Weekend

fcp_logo_bwFirst off, we made our pre-event goal for Die Laughing and that is amazing!  The board offered a $500 matching grant prior to the opening of Die Laughing and we have already raised $500.  That means we’ve actually raised $1000.  Which is amazing.

This blog entry is about my weekend schedule.  I’m not just the Artistic Director of Fearless Comedy Productions, I’m also a performer.  I’ll be performing a lot this weekend so here, in tiring detail, is what I’ll be doing.

Friday, March 6th

7:00 PM – We kick off the marathon with Fearless Lab.  I’m going to be judging a Vilification Tennis match featuring the last four winners of our amateur show – Nick Glover, Molly Glover, Eric Thompson and Duck Washington.  There will also be stand-up comedy, short form improv and a variety of other stuff.  We also kick off the marathon with a $250 matching grant so help us get started right!

Saturday, March 7th

Midnight – PowerPoint Karaoke.  I’m one of the presenters in my favorite improv game of all time.  Presenters are given a series of slides that make no sense and must make up a presentation based on the slides.  Also presenting will be Windy Bowlsby and Dawn Krosnowski.  It should be amazing.  Also, we have a $250 matching grant from CONvergence during that hour!

5:00 AM – Fearless story hour.  Did I read that time right?  Crap.  I did.  Fearless Company members will present stories about all sorts of different stuff.  I don’t know what my story will be about yet.  I still have a few hours left to write it.  I’m also throwing out a $50 matching grant during that hour in the hopes we can scare up a few donations at a stupid time.

8:00 AM – Education is Sexy.  A test run of a new game show produced by Andy Wilkins.  We’ll be playing silly improv games and audience members can win prizes.  Can’t beat that!

Noon – Geeks Without God live podcast.  For the first of two live podcasts at the convention, Nick, Molly and I will be interviewing comedian, writer, podcaster, and all around great guy Levi Weinhagen about the challenges of being out as an atheist.

1:00 PM – Judging a Book.  Another one of my favorites.  Two teams are shown book covers and must make up the plot of the book without any other information.  Not even the title.  Nick and Molly glover will take on Dawn Krosnowski and Jerry Belich.

9:00 PM – Geeks Without God live podcast.  Is that eight straight hours with nothing to do?  How did that happen?  Nick, Molly and I will return to the stage and we’ll be interviewing ZM Thomas, comic writer of “The Bible Part 2” and “Abe the Aborted Fetus.”  So really mainstream, accessible stuff.

Sunday, March 8th

Midnight – Epic Lip Sync Battle! I’m really jazzed for this one. I have over 20 people who will be competing in the first ever Fearless lip Sync battle.  If it goes well, we’ll do it again next year and I’ll even get a trophy.  We also have a $250 matching grant for the show and for $20, you can make a performer lip sync a song they hate.

7:00 AM – Fearless Game Night.  A last minute add!  Fearless company members will play party games like Taboo, Pictionary and more.  It is going to be very silly because most of us will be extremely sleep deprived by then.

9:00 AM – Stop Talking.  The Minnesota version of Just a Minute.  Six people will be challenged to talk about a topic for one minute without pausing, repeating words or deviating from the topic.  I’m the moderator and my performers are Windy Bowlsby, Duck Washington, Dawn Krosnowski, Jeff Neppl (and Felton), Bill Stiteler and Sharon Stiteler.  Jena Young will be my trusty sidekick responsible for timekeeping and scorekeeping.

Noon – Big Fun Radio Funtime.  I just realized that I’m performing at all the noon and midnight time slots.  Tim on the twelves!  This performance of Big Fun Radio Funtime will feature some of our best scripts from the last year and will feature the voice talents of Geoffrey Brown, Lauren Haven, Windy Bowlsby, Dawn Krosnowski, Eric Knight and David Traylor.

3:00 PM – The Dregs.  That’s right, in addition to everything else, I’ll also be singing with The Dregs.  No matching grants but we will be taking money for requests and all money raised will go to Fearless.  ALSO, I’m adding a personal challenge – we will accept contributions up to 2:00 PM on Sunday and I will write a new, dirty verse for Virgin Sturgeon based on how much money we raise for the challenge.  For $50, it will reference fisting.  For $100, it will also reference Hitler.  Anything beyond that will go to making the verse dirtier/more offensive.

7:00 PM – Double Blind Open Hat.  I like improv games and I’m going to throw my name into the ring as part of this open improv hour.

9:00 PM – Vilification Tennis.  We close out the weekend with an hour of the show that started us down the road to Fearless.  There is also a $100 match during this hour so we can finish strong.

That, my friends, is the list of what I’m doing.  I’m also excited to watch stand-up by Elizabeth Ess, Jakey Emmert, Ben San Del and Patrick Ryan Bauer.  I’m looking forward to Double Blind Improv, Joke-Me-Off, News from Honeytown and Fully Believable – all shows produced by Fearless.  Then there are storytellers like phillip andrew bennett low, Amy Salloway, Josh Nite and Jon Stark.  Of course, who wouldn’t want to see improv sets by Transvaginal Mesh, Bad Bunnies and Apex Predators?

My point, I guess, is that it will all be good.  I hope you come out and watch some of the silliness because there will be a lot of it to go around.

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