Shit that Pissed me off – 3/6

One of the Top Picks in This Year’s Draft is Probably a Rapist

A new documentary chronicling issues with sexual assault on campus is out and the woman who has accused Jameis Wilson of attacking her is one of the people interviewed for the film.

Now I don’t know what happened between her and Wilson.  Nobody else does, either.

But let’s just assume she is telling the truth because statistically speaking, she’s telling the truth.

You see, most rape claims are true.  That means if you assume the victim is telling the truth, you are going to be correct almost all of the time.

You see, most rape claims are true. That means if you assume the victim is telling the truth, you are going to be correct almost all of the time.

That means the guy who is potentially the top pick in this year’s draft is a rapist.  He wasn’t prosecuted because there wasn’t enough evidence (which means “the word of a woman saying she was sexually assaulted is not enough to prosecute”).

Still, we presume he will become a millionaire spokesperson and she, most likely, will be forgotten in a few months.  It all just seems backwards, doesn’t it?

Michigan House Passes Bill to Protect Christian Zealots From Being Nice to Gays

As the effort to redefine “religious freedom” as “the right to be an asshole to gays” continues, Michigan has passed a bill that allows just about anyone to refuse service to someone who is GLBT because of deeply held religious belief.

I have to believe that this law, if it were signed, would be about as unconstitutional as it comes.  The idea that an EMT could refuse life saving care because his religion prevents him from help gay people goes against just about any idea of common decency.  It also seems like it could be the equivalent of murder.

Potentially catastrophic side effects aside, we know that most of these laws are actually about wedding cakes because that is where the new civil rights war is being waged.  Nobody wants to bake a cake for homosexuals.  I get it.  You could go to hell for that shit.

God does not fuck around with bakers.

North Carolina Has Made it Legal For Lobbyists to Hire Prostitutes

I admit, this doesn’t make me angry so much as amused.  In what seems to be a perfect example of political doublespeak, the State Ethics Committee says that since sex has no monetary value, it doesn’t have to be report as a campaign contribution.  Not even if a lobbyist hires someone to perform the sexual act.

There was a whole lot of high-fiving going on in the Men's room at the state capitol.

There was a whole lot of high-fiving going on in the Men’s room at the state capitol.

So if you pay a prostitute to have sex with a politician, you aren’t paying her for the sex, because that has no monetary value.  You are paying her for the girlfriend experience, I guess.  Or the boyfriend experience if you hire a male prostitute for a lady politician.  Which I’m sure happens all the time.

This will, I expect, have an immediate impact on the number of men running for office in North Carolina and I applaud their interest in the political process.

Crazy Dude in California Is Trying To Pass a Law that all Homosexuals Should be Shot

The petition requires 365,000 California residents sign up and that is, thankfully, not going to happen. Most right-wing Christians aren’t willing to go so far as to say homosexuals deserve a bullet to the head.

Wanting gays back in the closet is far different from wanting gays six feet underground.

The guy probably just hates rainbows.  But you can't shoot a rainbow in the head.

The guy probably just hates rainbows. But you can’t shoot a rainbow in the head.

But the fact this asshole goes a step too far is an indictment of the network of conservative religious leaders who decry an orientation that doesn’t match their moral code.

When you decry same-sex marriage and push through legal barriers against it, you allow crazy assholes to take the next “logical” step and try to ban homosexuality all together.

Who cares if this guy won’t win.  Why the hell should gays have to deal with this kind of thing at all?  Nobody is trying to pass a law that says straight white males should be shot, are they?

Homosexuals still have a lot of hardships in our society.  Having nutters try to legislate their death should to be one of them.

State Representative Hands Adopted Child Over to a Pedophile

I have to be fair and say that the adoptive father didn’t know he was abandoning handing his kids over to a pedophile.  The guy was a youth minister so it was obvious he was OK.

On the other hand, he seemed shocked that when he adopted two girls aged six and three, they were not entirely happy with being taken from their mother forever.  I’ll bet.  I guess he couldn’t deal with that.

So he just handed them off to someone else.  Which is, apparently, sort of legal in Arkansas.

But it’s bullshit.  When you agree to adopt children, you accept the possibility that things could be difficult.  You don’t just give them away when they have trouble adjusting.

That this guy is a minister and a State Representative just brings the whole story to a new level.

Best thing of all? The kids are with a new family and their new parents feel that it is all part of god’s plan!  That means god planned for these two girls to be born into a home that couldn’t care for them, adopted by parents who couldn’t handle them and then traded to a household that would sexually abuse them before finally getting them into a loving home.  So far as we know.

So can someone explain to me how that doesn’t make god sound like a dick?

Homeowner Association Denies a Playhouse to a Kid With Cancer

I guess this association is taking the “fuck cancer” thing a little too far.  A little girl has cancer and her wish was for a playhouse in the backyard.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted her wish.  Then the homeowner association turns it down because it is against their association rules.  Fuck the kid with cancer, that professional built playhouse could bring down property values!  Or something.

I wouldn't move into a neighborhood with one of these in the back yard!  Unless - you know - they built one for everyone.

I wouldn’t move into a neighborhood with one of these in the back yard! Unless – you know – they built one for everyone.

The public outcry has been so much that the association has announced they are reconsidering their refusal (they actually decided it would be OK yesterday).

It’s nice to know that when people get the internet angry enough, they will sometimes consider making the right decision.

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2 responses to “Shit that Pissed me off – 3/6”

  1. Footnotegirl says :

    God isn’t a dick because of INEFFABILITY, Tim. Geeeze, who doesn’t know that?

  2. Geoffrey says :

    Tim, you HAVE one of those in your backyard.

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