Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/13

Hasbro Seems to Have Forgotten Someone

Hasbro has announced they are releasing a line of 24 Star Wars figures to coincide with the digital re-release of the films.  That is awesome because I can buy them for my kid.  And then play with them myself.

However, they seem to have forgotten the most badass character in the original trilogy.

Nope.  Han is there.  So is Chewbacca.

Do I have to hide some plans inside a droid to help you figure it out?

Do I have to hide some plans inside a droid to help you figure it out?

Where, I ask you, is Princess Leia?  They can include a two fucking battle droids but can’t seem to include one of the most important characters from the original trilogy?

Memo to Hasbro: nobody gives a shit about battle droids.  Nobody.

I realize the Star Wars universe is not full of women but if you can find room for Padme Amidala in your 24 figures, you can sure as hell find room for Leia.

US Tourists Decide to Carve Their Initials Into the Roman Colosseum

The two young ladies in question not only carved their initials into the ancient stone walls that have seen the rise and fall of empires but may not be able to withstand the onslaught of drunk tourists, they took a selfie.

Because when you deface a cultural landmark, you want to make sure there is a photographic record.

The fact they took a picture tells you the most depressing thing about this entire affair – they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong!

If they thought what they were doing was, in some way, a shitty thing to do to a cultural landmark, they wouldn’t have made sure to record it.  They must have thought the right to carve their initials came with the price of admission.

Apparently, people do this shit all the time.

I’ve been to the Roman Colosseum and while a lot of different thoughts went through my head, I can tell you that one of them was not “you know what would make this place more impressive? My initials.”

This Article About the Ten Most Common Signs From Your Deceased Loved Ones

Basically, it would appear that the most common signs from deceased loved ones are anything that happens to you after someone you love dies.

Look, I think that psychics are peddlers of bullshit anyway.  They prey on the grief we all feel when someone close to us dies.  A lot of them probably believe they are psychic and not just really good at cold reading but that doesn’t change the fact they are taking money from the emotionally vulnerable. In exchange for nothing.

Before you answer that question, give me twenty dollars.

Before you answer that question, give me twenty dollars.

This article, though, is just infuriating because it tricks people into thinking that ordinary, everyday things are signs.  At the top of the list is a deceased loved one showing up in your dreams.

Now why would that happen? Because they are still in your thoughts and our dreams don’t just edit out people who have died?  Or because your dead loved ones are trying to send you a sign?

I still have dreams about my dad and he died almost thirty years ago.  That isn’t a sign!  It’s called being a person with feelings.

A Bunch of Asshole Senators Write and Open Letter to Iraq

I know that a bunch of folks will just say “hey Tim, you are a big old liberal so of course you are going to hate something 47 Republican senators do.”

Yes.  That is true.

But let’s step back and ask if I would think it was better if 47 Democratic senators wrote a letter to a foreign power telling that power that whatever our President agreed to was going to be torpedoed/ignored as soon as they took control of the White House.  Um….no.

Because what the fuck were they thinking?  I realize that the main Republican objective is to obstruct literally everything the President does but when you start putting lives at risk (and misinterpreting the constitution), you push the limits of acceptable political behavior.  Whatever happened to the idea of the loyal opposition?

I choose to believe that all of this is part of some bizarre Republican drinking game.

I choose to believe that all of this is part of some bizarre Republican drinking game.

Look, I think that the religious leaders who run Iran are, in a word, pigs.  They subjugate their population based on their personal interpretations of a holy book.  That’s bullshit.

But we are all part of the same world and the US has tried not talking to Iran for years. It hasn’t worked.  Seems to me that the novel idea of talking to them can’t do any more damage than has already been done.

Fox News Host Posits that Marriage is on the Decline Because Women are Encouraged to have Sex Freely – Just Like Men

She didn’t actually use the word “slut” so I give her a few points for restraint.

I can see why she would think that it would be better if we made sure that women are ashamed of their sexuality and repressed their own desire for sexual satisfaction.  That seems like a really healthy way to live your life.

Guys can sow their wild oats but the ladies need to save themselves for marriage.

Of course, the whole conversation started with a guest suggesting that immigrants just don’t respect the institution of marriage.

Yeah.  Those folks from Central and South America, who are mostly Catholic, don’t respect the institution of marriage.

That makes sense.

But back to the idea that women who enjoy having sex are sluts…no.  Fuck that.  Women enjoy sex.  I know this comes as a shock to some people but maybe we should start embracing it rather than suggesting a healthy attitude towards sex is a moral failure.

Two Police Officers Were Shot in Ferguson

While I have a great deal of sympathy for the Ferguson protestors – especially in light of the evidence showing extreme racial profiling by the Ferguson police department, shooting people is unacceptable.

Worse, descriptions of the event suggest the shooter was not associated with the protestors (which makes sense because the protestors are embracing non-violent means of civil disobedience) but I’ve seen lots of people blame the protestors for the attack.

Yeah.  These signs are totally encouraging people to take up arms against police officers.

Yeah. These signs are totally encouraging people to take up arms against police officers.

That isn’t how it works.  When someone who is not associated with the protestors does something, pointing your finger at the protestors and shouting “see what you’ve done” is the equivalent of saying “shut up.”

Their choice to make themselves heard did not lead to a sociopath committing a felony.  Those are two different choices and you cannot blame one on the other.

Let’s make this really clear – nobody should be getting shot.  The whole idea behind these protests is they want the shooting to stop.

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