Shit That Pissed me Off – 3/27

Indiana Passes Stupid “Anti Discrimination” Bill That Will Allow People to Discriminate

In a move that I hope will eventually be ruled unconstitutional, Indiana is the first state in the nation to pass a law allowing businesses to avoid liability arising from discriminating against homosexuals.  It will not be the last.

Billed as an attempt to save “good” Christians who simply want to follow god’s law by refusing service to gay people specifically because they are gay, the law is basically protection for a persecuted class that isn’t persecuted.


It’s like an “anti-discrimination” bill that protects white people who don’t want to serve black people. Except you can’t pass that law because everyone knows that’s bullshit.


So what happens if a gay couple runs out of gas in rural Indiana and is refused service by the closest gas station?  It’s legal.  I know that this law is mostly about florists, bakers and wedding photographers but it applies to anyone who wants to discriminate against someone on religious grounds.

It protects anyone.  The Christian right might want to remember that should a time come when they are no longer the majority.

Seriously – since the conservative Christian douchebags managed to get this one passed, I think they should be instructed to put signs in their window saying “No Gays.”  I mean if they are going to be given the right to legally discriminate, they should be up front about it right?

Because they are proud of it, right????

Mississippi Passes Bill Exempting Church Drivers From Getting a Commercial License

Apparently, if you have god on your side, you don’t need any education on how to drive a 30 passenger bus.

Here’s my thought: either driving a bus is easy and anyone with a driver’s license should be able to do it OR it is difficult and nobody should be allowed to do it without the proper training.

Mississippi lawmakers apparently believe that driving a bus is easy for church volunteers and hard for everyone else.

Maybe driving one of those buses is a breeze and requiring a permit is ridiculous.  If so, I don’t understand why churches were given an exemption over all other organizations that might have need for such a bus.

This law seems to run counter to the “Christians are being persecuted” claim and in fact seems to suggest they are being afforded special privileges.

George Zimmerman Blames Obama For The Uproar Over the Fact He Shot an Unarmed Teenager

Zimmerman, who has been arrested three times since he was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, had an opportunity to speak to reporters because, unlike Martin, he is alive.  He decided to whine about how much worse Obama made things when he made the grotesque error of having an opinion about the situation.

Never mind that Zimmerman should consider himself lucky that he isn’t in jail or dead (like his victim), he feels the need to fuel the racist idea that Obama doesn’t get to talk about race because he’s black.

If this guy says a black youth "could have been his son," it is totally racist!

If this guy says a black youth “could have been his son,” it is totally racist!

Think about that for a minute.  If Clinton or Bush or Reagan made a similar comment about race relations, nobody would call them racist.  If you are President, you need to be black to be racist.

But Zimmerman gets to stand up and effectively call Obama a racist even though Obama knows way more about racial relations than he does.

And nobody calls him on his bullshit.  That isn’t being impartial.  It’s being lazy.

People are Seeing Jesus In a Landslide

I just don’t understand how our standards have gotten so low when it comes to miracles.  A recent landslide in Columbia is a miraculous representation of Jesus.


Or is it?  I mean, it could be Jesus. Or it could be Aragorn.


Personally, I vote for Aragorn.  Either way, as miracles go, this one is pretty weak.

Speaking of weak miracles, God has been hard at work in Oklahoma as well.  Right after he failed to stop a tornado from killing people and destroying property, God made sure to leave a sign for the survivors.  If you didn’t click the link, here’s the picture of God’s sign:


Check it out, everyone!  God made a telephone pole look like a cross!  Here’s another telephone pole that looks like a cross:


It’s a sign from god!  And there’s another sign just like it about 100 feet down the road!

More obnoxious than the ridiculous assertion that something that already looks like a religious symbol would be a sign from god is the fact the kid who tweeted this picture has been contacted by news agencies for interviews and use of the picture instead of just saying “huh – telephone poles really do look like crosses.”

Afghanistan Mob Beats a Woman to Death Because They Thought She Burned a Couple of Pages of the Koran

She probably didn’t actually burn any pages of the Koran but it really shouldn’t matter if she did.  There are millions of copies of the Koran and they know how to make more.  Beating a 27-year-old woman and then throwing her off a bridge and then setting fire to her corpse and then throwing her corpse into a river seems like a massive overreaction, don’t you think?

Hell, anything beyond saying “that was a bit insensitive” seems like a massive overreaction.

You create the possibility for this kind of overreaction, though, when you treat a book with words in it as a divine creation.  In this case, the issue is neither the book nor the words but the power ascribed to them.

The Koran didn’t kill that young woman.  The perceived importance of the Koran did.

Phil Robertson Makes a Bet With Atheists

I love how the super right-wing crazies think that Atheists don’t believe in morals.  Robinson creates a horrible situation where an atheist family is attacked by a bunch of sadistic men who basically say “you’re atheists so this is all OK, right?”

I mean, he understands that atheists still think rape and murder are immoral acts, right?

Atheists don't sit around talking about all the Serial Killers we idolize.  We don't like them either.

Atheists don’t sit around talking about all the serial killers we idolize. I think he has us confused with Neo-Nazis.

What if these same guys broke into a Christian home and did the same thing?  Are we to assume that they would suddenly stop because a fear of hell would prevent them from carrying out their plans?

Atheism doesn’t work that way and neither does Christianity.  The example Robertson uses is ignorant and illogical.

And as of right now, his life is still a TV show.  Figure that one out.

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One response to “Shit That Pissed me Off – 3/27”

  1. @Captain_Heck (@Captain_Heck) says :

    Anybody who says you only get morals from a book, well they have inadvertently confessed to having no morals right? They feel no inner reason to not be a-holes, so perhaps they should keep their little book after all. This is why he collects guns, he feels everybody else thinks the same way he does and therefore could turn on a dime and murder you. That’s the only way their world perspective has even a semblance of logic. Everyone is a psycho, especially to a psycho.

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