Shit that Pissed me off – 6/5

There’s a New Kids’ Book About Hell

If you believe in hell, you don’t want your kids to go there.  I understand that on a basic level.

Yet, when someone makes a book that is meant to scare kids into believing in god, I feel as if they need to question their fundamental beliefs.

Actually, this kind of looks like something from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Maybe it's cooler than I thought.

Actually, this kind of looks like something from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Maybe it’s cooler than I thought.

They make god out to be a weak and petty tyrant.  A tyrant who will punish kids for all eternity because two people ate a fruit they weren’t supposed to eat. Maybe it was an apple.  Maybe it was a pomegranate.  Maybe it was a tomato.  Because tomatoes are a fruit.

Hell is a horror story.  Most kids don’t respond well to horror stories.  This book is intended to create faith through fear.  I guess I feel god shouldn’t need to scare kids into believing.

Latest Execution Sets a Record for Texas!

While they are still behind nationally, Texas raised the bar this week!  At 67, Lester Bower was the oldest man ever executed in the state!  They have a ways to go to set the national record, though, Alabama executed a 74-year-old.

I don’t know if Bower actually committed the crime for which he was killed.  He denied it right up until his death.

If I were a Governor, that would be reason enough for me to stay an execution.  I realize I’m a softy on this, but if there was any doubt in my mind, I couldn’t let someone die.

That, along with my support for abortion rights and the number of times I say “fuck” in public, is probably why I will never be Governor of Texas.

A Lot of Conservatives Seem to Forget that Caitlyn Jenner is on Their Side

Mike Huckabee, who might be a great guy in person but seems like a major asshole in public, used the occasion of Caitlyn Jenner’s official coming out to joke about how he wished he could have identified as a girl in high school.  Because then he could have showered with girls.

Ha ha.

The veiled implication that transgender people are perverts is right in line with Huckabee’s opinion on homosexuals.  I’m not sure how that works with Jenner, who has admitted she is still attracted to girls.  That would make her a lesbian and I’d be curious to know if Huckabee considers that better or worse.

Say what????

Say what????

FOX news also managed to make fun of Jenner, though their remarks were more insensitive. Huckabee’s statement was genuinely mean.

In the meantime, a whole bunch of other folks (mostly conservative) are upset because Jenner won the Arthur Ashe Courage award when there are some disabled vet athletes who deserve it more.  Because there is clearly nothing courageous about coming out as a transgender person when the likely result is people like Huckabee making fun of you, organizations like FOX that will laugh at you and people who will spend all of their time finding someone else who is “better” or “more deserving” than you.

There’s also a petition to strip Jenner of her gold medal because transphobia.

Huckabee and FOX don’t seem to understand (or care) that Jenner is also out as a Republican.  I’m sure that Huckabee would be happy to have Jenner’s vote even as he makes more jokes about her identity.  His party is a big tent that can even include people they don’t wish to acknowledge.

Muslim Denied a Soda Can on an Airplane Because it is Against The Rules She Was a Muslim

She was told that couldn’t have the unopened can because it could be used as a weapon.  I mean sure.  So can an iPad.   I guess they assume terrorists would be more attached to their iPads than they would to their cans of soda.

If that were the issue, though, it seems odd the flight attended fulfilled the same request for someone else who wasn’t wearing a head scarf.  When she protested, another passenger was extremely understanding and told her to shut the fuck up.


I assume he was an insensitive prick because he had relatives who died in the Twin Towers on 9/11.  His grief is still so raw he has no way to deal with seeing a muslim as anything but an avatar for the people who killed his family.  It’s tragic really.

Because nobody would hate Muslims just for being Muslims…

A Bunch of People With Guns Protest Outside a Mosque Because They Hate Muslims Just for Being Muslims

Oh.  Never mind.

 Kids Who Can’t Afford $10 Were Forced to Sit out a School Carnival

I forgot to put this one in last week.  Sorry.

Apparently, the school principal decided that it would be unfair if they simply found a way to subsidize the kids whose parents couldn’t afford to pay for the cost of renting a bouncy castle.  The compassionate solution was to herd them into the auditorium where they could watch a movie.

Even better – the carnival turned a profit.  It would have turned a profit even if the underprivileged kids had been there.

This, my friends, is bouncy castle profiteering!

This, my friends, is bouncy castle profiteering!

Let’s be honest, though.  If they’d let those kids go, at least some of the parents who paid would complain that their children didn’t get any “hand outs.”  It’s the Kobayashi Maru scenario of school administration.

Except it isn’t.  I’d tell the whiny parents to fuck off and remember that some of these kids who couldn’t afford $10 are regularly skipping meals because their parents can’t afford food either.  Letting them play in a bouncy castle for 45 minutes seems pretty fucking fair to me.

17-Year-Old Wins a Lawsuit Against Police Officer Who Had Her Arrested After She Wouldn’t Flirt With Him

To be accurate, she isn’t 17 now.  She was 17 with the officer had her arrested for the crime of finding him obnoxious.

The police department settled with her because, I assume, they weren’t interested in looking like bigger assholes during a trial.  The cop in question is still an asshole, still on the force, and has faced no disciplinary actions for his behavior.

See, I completely understand that not all cops are bad.  What doesn’t make sense to me is the fact so little seems to be done to get rid of the bad ones.

China is Going to the Moon!

We knew this already but doesn’t it piss anyone off that Americans were on the moon in the sixties and it has taken this long for anyone to go back?

China, Japan, Russia, Germany, The United States and many other countries have had the money to do it.  But I guess we all needed more tanks.

Fuck the moon.  I've got a tank.

Fuck the moon. I’ve got a tank.

Hell, if North Korea wanted to be taken seriously, how about landing a North Korean on the moon? It’s North Korea so they wouldn’t even care about bringing the dude back. Just leave him up there so every time people looked at the moon, they would know there was a dead North Korean on it.

Look, folks.  We can’t find a monolith without a moon base.  Nor can we play real life Moon Rover.  Let’s make this shit happen.


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