Shit that Pissed me off – 9/4

Kim Davis

Kim Davis, a clerk in Kentucky, has been on a religious crusade for a while now.  Steadfastly refusing to issue marriage licenses because her conscience (and the Bible) won’t allow her to “condone” same-sex marriage, she has been fighting for her right to discriminate against people she doesn’t approve of religious freedom in the courts.

And she has lost.  Time and again the courts have told her “this is the law.  You have a sworn duty to uphold it even if you don’t agree with it.”

This week, after once again refusing to do her legal duty, she has been jailed for contempt of court.

There are so many things that bother me about all of this.

First of all, she is abusing the court system.  There has never been a time when she would have abided by the court decision if she lost.  Never.  Sure, she probably believed she would win but so what?  If you are going to use the court system and you lose, lose with some dignity.

Second, if she can’t do her job for moral reasons, she needs to quit.  Instead of using her religion as an excuse to deny people a legal right with which she doesn’t agree, she needs to accept that she can’t fulfill the function of her office.  Because she can’t won’t.

Third, can you imagine the issues should the court eventually side with her?  Devout Muslims could refuse to issue drivers licenses to women.  Devout Jews could refuse to serve McRibs at a McDonalds.  Devout Buddhists could ruin a concert by clapping with only one hand.

Fourth, this isn’t about her personal beliefs being under fire.  She isn’t doing this so she personally doesn’t have to issue same-sex marriage licenses.  Told she would be released from jail if she allowed her deputies to sign same-sex licenses, she said she would not.  In other words, even though she would not be issuing the license, she won’t allow one to be issued by anyone in her office.  That means she is enforcing her own belief on those who work with her.  Which is exactly what she claims to be fighting against.

Finally, I have a real problem with Christians who are casting stones.  Because Jesus was pretty clear on this point:


Kim Davis cheated on her first husband with her third husband.  Which is adultery and one of those commandments fundamentalist Christians are so anxious to put in courthouses.

I’m not judging her for that.  She screwed up.  People screw up all the time.  I’m judging her for the fact she has the temerity to deny a legal right to others when she, by her own religious beliefs, has no right to judge them.

Donald Trump is Still an Asshole

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote an editorial critical of Donald Trump.

As a candidate for President, Trump should recognize that such things happen and he shouldn’t give a shit.

But here’s the problem with Trump.  He’s a bully.  If someone is critical of him, he is going to lash out at them because he wants to shout them into silence.  This should worry anyone who wants to vote for him because I don’t think we want that kind of relationship with China.  Or Russia.  Or even Iran.

His response to Jabbar was to hand write a petulant response on the article and send it to the former basketball player.

Dear Kareem - you are wrong and nobody likes you!

Dear Kareem – you are wrong and nobody likes you!

This is our current Republican front-runner.  This is the guy who people like because he “speaks his mind.”

I guess it doesn’t matter that his mind is all sorts of fucked up.  It doesn’t matter that no matter what he claims, if he is elected President, he will still be an asshole and a bully.

And he will surround himself with advisors who will allow him to continue to be an asshole and a bully.

I don’t think Trump will get the Republican nomination.  But I’m annoyed that someone so completely poisonous and mean can be taken seriously.  He’s like Dick Cheney without any filters.  How many people would want an unfiltered Dick Cheney to be President?

I mean, actually President?

I Talked to a Muslim this Week and he Disrespected my Wife

At the State Fair, there is a booth run by Muslims that is, in my opinion, a great thing.

Basically, they are there to answer questions about their faith and to show that the vast majority of Muslims aren’t terrorists.  Because they aren’t.

And you know, I don’t think Muslims are terrorists.  That doesn’t mean I think their faith is above criticism.

For example:

After speaking with him for a short while, my wife held out her hand and introduced herself.  She does this a lot.  She’s polite that way.

His response was to point out that he, as a Muslim man, could not touch a woman.

So I asked why.  And I was told it was a respect thing.  And that men were sexual beings who could not be trusted to control their impulses when they touched a woman.  And that it was disrespectful to her husband (it wasn’t) and her father (he’s dead.)

If he had a gravestone, I think it would be pretty neutral on the issue.

If he had a gravestone, I think it would be pretty neutral on the issue.

Now I didn’t want to get into a debate with this gentleman because there were mini donuts to be eaten, so I let it drop.  Besides, my wife would have done a far better job debating him than I.

However, I have a real problem with the idea that women aren’t sexual beings.  I have a real problem with the idea that I, as a husband, am disrespected when another man touches my wife.  I have a problem with the idea that preventing men from touching women to whom they are not married is a sign of respect.

I think it is divisive.  I think it creates the impression that women are subservient to men and that men are potential rapists who must be held in check by religious taboos.

So no, I don’t believe most Muslims are terrorists.  And I think it is a damaging stereotype that needs to be eradicated.

But I still have major problems with Islam.  Just as I have major problems with every other religion that seems to think they have the answers for how men and women should interact.

And I’m frankly happy I had the chance to talk to this gentleman.  Because he was very nice.  Except for that point where he wouldn’t shake my wife’s hand because I might get upset.  Because honestly, that’s my problem.

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One response to “Shit that Pissed me off – 9/4”

  1. footnotegirl says :

    A word on variety in religion. I have met Christian men (and certainly Jewish men) who also feel that they cannot touch women who are not their wives, not even for a handshake (see also: Orthodox Jewish men holding up plane flights by refusing to sit next to women passengers). I have certainly experienced and been informed of experiences with men of all religions and even atheists who have apologized to other men for interactions with their wives/girlfriendsdaughters and who haven’t taken no for an answer from a woman until they were told that the woman had a real (or fictional) male SO. (see: Scott Lobdell sexually harassing a woman and then apologizing to her husband for doing so – ). Unthought, assumed male ‘ownership’ of women is pretty common throughout many societies, as well as the belief that men simply cannot control themselves in the presence of a woman, so its up to the women to protect their modesty.
    I have also interacted with Muslim men who were just fine shaking hands with women who are not their relatives. It’s a continuum. The problem, generally speaking, is fundamentalism and culture (the burqa, for instance, vastly predates Islam) and how they interact with a religion. As you note, it isn’t so much a problem with one religion as with the way all religions can interact with society and culture. But the way that this man in particular restricts himself (and others) is not reflective of the way any other Muslim might believe or behave in terms of interactions with women.

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