Shit that Pissed me Off – 9/11

In Wisconsin, they are Banning a Long List of Foods from Food Stamp Eligibility

So, OK.  I see what they are trying to do.  They are trying to help poor people eat healthier.

I mean, it’s great that we want to spend a lot of time convincing forcing poor kids to eat brussels sprouts but isn’t being poor bitter enough?

It seems like we are punishing poor kids and single moms for being poor kids and single moms.  If they are getting a little government assistance (and food stamps are a little government assistance), why not let ’em use it to buy ketchup if they want some?

If you want ketchup on your hot dog, little girl, tell your parents to GET A JOB!

If you want ketchup on your hot dog, little girl, tell your parents to GET A JOB!

No, poor kids!  If you want to eat some french fries, the most you can put on them is a little bit of salt!

Also, they need to be sweet potato fries because we aren’t going to let you buy potatoes.

Someone is Looking to ban a Book with Drawings of Female Reproductive Organs Because it is “Pornographic”

Didn’t I write something about pornographic books that aren’t actually pornographic just a couple of weeks ago?  Yep, I did.

In this case, though, it is a book about a woman with cervical cancer whose cells have been used for medial research since the 1950’s.  Cervical cancer is located, you know, in the woman parts of the body and some lady was upset her 10th grade son was exposed to anything involving woman parts.

It is so much better for guys if woman parts are mysterious and forbidden.  That usually makes the raging hormones better.

She refused to let her son read the book but has gone further and complained that it should be removed from the school system because woman parts!

Seriously, lady, anatomy is not pornography.  You (and far too many others) need to learn the difference.

A Couple of High School Football Players Tackled a Referee

The video is pretty awful.  A couple of football players clearly targeted a referee on a play.  One of them rammed his helmet into the official’s back.  In case you didn’t know, football officials don’t wear pads.

So what happened?  The kids claim he was making racial slurs. He says he wasn’t.

And then what happened?

And then what happened?

If he was, indeed directing racial slurs at the kid, he’s a horrible human being and should never officiate another football game.  If his behavior had been reported, that might have been what happened.

The kids chose a different tactic.  One that will almost certainly get them thrown off the football team.  It may also get them thrown out of school and possibly even thrown in jail.  Makes you wonder what the hell they were thinking.

They were probably distracted by the pornographic illustrations of cervical cancer in one of their textbooks.

Police Officer is Rebuked by a Server and Fires his Weapon at an Unarmed Wall

Cpl Kenneth Lee Sheka was getting drunk at the Combined Law Enforcement of Texas convention this past weekend when he decided to harass one of the servers at a hospitality event.  She politely but firmly told him to fuck off.  So he pulled out his gun.

To Sheka’s credit, when he drew his gun, he didn’t shoot the server.

He shot the wall.  Which was unarmed and, in all probability, black.

Immediately following the unauthorized discharge of his weapon, he was subdued by the room full of law enforcement officers that surrounded him.

A lot of people are lucky in the wake of this incident.  First among those is the server who is likely alive because Sheka had the self-control to shoot at something inanimate.  Yet, I don’t want to give him too much credit for self-control because he fired a gun in a crowded room.

Most people who do that sort of thing don’t make very good police officers.

A Slave of the Head of ISIS Tells her Story.  And it is Pretty Horrible.

I read this article about the way a sixteen year old girl was beaten and tortured and I just wanted to figure out how we stop this sort of thing.

Even as I’m not thrilled about committing our military to another conflict in the Middle East, I’m asking myself what benefit there is to standing by and allowing these people to do this sort of thing.  We got rid of Saddam Hussein – who was horrible – and the eventual result is something arguably worse.

There was ONE GUY in Iraq who was worse than me and you had to create a power vacuum.  Good job, guys!

There was ONE GUY in Iraq who was worse than me and you had to create a power vacuum. Good job, guys!

We can’t fix the middle east.  We are foolish to even try. Yet how can we live with this kind of thing?

I’m pissed, mostly, because there is no solution.  And some people are fucking awful.

Rupert Murdoch Bought National Geographic

I don’t want to assume that FOX news will become the primary source for a magazine that has long been the home of thoughtful scientific writing.

I even understand why this has happened.  The print industry is on the decline.  Just about every magazine is suffering as our attention shifts more and more to online media.  So National Geographic needed someone to inject their flagging brand with some cash.

Enter Murdoch.  He has lots of money.  And maybe he really likes the magazine.

Murdoch owns more than FOX so the magazine will probably not be overtaken by a bunch of conservative pundits who aren’t willing to publish scholarly articles proving (again) that global climate change is real.  I mean, Cosmos aired on FOX, right?

No, I’m not sure that Murdoch’s political opinions are the problem.

The problem is that Murdoch’s money is unlikely to save the publication.

And Finally, Here’s another Meme that Pissed me Off!

This is a good one.  We all remember Kim Davis and how she has been horribly wronged because she refused to follow the law.  Some conservatives have gotten together to try to explain everything to intolerant and stupid liberals like me.


You see?  Kim Davis feels like she was forced to make a pornographic film!  Doesn’t it all make sense now?

Except Kim Davis was elected to do her job and part of that job involves laws that change.  Laws change all the time.  It isn’t her job to decide which laws are to be obeyed.  If she wants to do her job, she has to obey all of the laws.  Not just the ones she likes.

Here’s a better analogy:

An actress is hired to make a film.  Her contract specifically spells out what she is expected to do in the film.  She arrives on set one day and the director tells her they are making a different film.  It is a porno.  She is welcome to keep making the movie but it isn’t the one she signed up for.  If she doesn’t want to make the movie, they will release her from her contract and she can go audition for other movies that aren’t pornos.

She doesn’t want to make a porno but refuses to leave the shoot.  When she comes into work every day, she tells them she won’t perform.  But she still expects to get paid because the only reason she isn’t performing is because she doesn’t want to make a porno and if the director would allow her to make the other movie she thought she was making, she would be happy to act.

Meanwhile, all the other actresses who were contracted to make the film are perfectly willing to make a porno but they can’t play her part because she refuses to let them.

So the studio head steps in and orders her to either do the role they have for her or leave.  She refuses to do either.

He has her ejected from the studio and she sues them for breach of contract.  She wins because holy fuck was that a breach of contract.

In other words: these two things have nothing to do with one another.  What a stupid fucking meme.

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